This post lists and recommends board game fulfilment companies based in the UK.

Whether you need to find out more about board game fulfilment services in the UK. Or to send out Kickstarter board games to backers, or just have some questions answered!

This list will potentially help you to learn about and fulfilment companies.

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What are UK board game fulfilment companies?

Fulfilment companies are companies that can store and send your board games out on your behalf. “Board game” fulfilment companies are companies that are dedicated to the logistics of board games. They take care of the pick and packing so you don’t have to and have dedicated warehousing for games.

UK based board game fulfilment companies allow you to focus on other aspects of your business, such as creating board games or writing your next project. They will also focus on distribution in the UK.

While in the meantime. They are posting your orders for your board game.

Want to know what board game fulfilment companies are based in the UK in a detailed list?

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Boardgame fulfilment companies based in the UK – List Format

Each company listed here, are UK specific board game fulfilment companies. If you are looking for “distribution companies” to sell businesses to business on your behalf. You may wish to look at the list of UK board game distributors instead.

CBF Fulfilment (mail fulfilment)

Are a board game storage and fulfilment warehouse. They offer a wide range of services from fulfilment to storage, to picking and packing. You can read more here – CBF Website.

Games Quest (ShipQuest)

Are a UK based fulfilment company that will ship internationally as far as the USA and into the EU. Fulfilment from “port to door to door”. ShipQuest or (GameQuest) also put a strong emphasis on working with crowd funders and kickstarters. If you have run a Kickstarter campaign and need to get your board games to backers this company may be worth a look.

Wayland Games (Warcradle)

Another board game fulfilment company to consider is Wayland Games. Wayland Games (Warcradle) will stock your items if they are retail-ready and send products straight to the end-user buying the product. Wayland games are a large established company dedicated to board games with a large platform. They are board games store/e-store.

James & James

James & James are a UK-based fulfilment company that mentions board games and lightweight products as one of their specialisms. They cover both product fulfilment to end-user for both board games and other products. ( They stock smaller, lighter items.) Fulfilment Program

Amazon will store and ship your games to individuals. Ideal if you are starting out. They are an established online marketplace with a lot of people using Amazon daily. They are a powerful brand with a very long market reach.


3PL are a fulfilment and distribution company based in wigan in the UK. Boardgames for business to business, business to customer and crowdfunding fulfilment are just some of the specialism in fulfilment. 3PL have worked with Steamforged games. A large board game design company.

In addition to crowdfunding fulfilment, they are offer business-to-business distribution. If you are looking at the business to business distribution companies, the article list may help.

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Where to find “crowdfunded” board game fulfilment companies in the UK

You may be looking for companies that can handle your crowdfunding specific board games? Or UK fulfilment companies for kickstarter campaigns?

There are fulfilment companies that will send your board game direct to the backer. The list below mentions dedicated fulfilment for getting crowd-funded board games to backers in the United Kingdom.

UK based crowdfunding fulfilment companies (listed)

The following companies advertise and offer services dedicated to getting board games to backers in and around the UK. These companies are as follows:-

  • ShipQuest – Offer port to door boardgames fulfilment services
  • 3PL – Are a dedicated crowdfunding (Kickstarter) fulfilment company based in Wigan.
  • Fulfilment Crowd, offer a backer dedicated fulfilment service based in Lancashire
  • James & James ( AKA – ) Offer dedicated crowdfunding fulfilment solutions.

List Summery of board game fulfilment companies based in the UK

A shorthand list of names of UK board game fulfilment companies. Including Kickstarter, crowdfunding and for general e-commerce businesses.

Summary List

  • ShipQuest
  • 3PL
  • Fulfilment Crowd
  • James & James ( AKA – )
  • CBF Fulfilment (mail fulfilment)
  • Warcradle / Wayland Games
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What are the best board fulfilment companies based in the UK?

There is no single hard and fast “best” board game fulfilment services in the UK. The best company depends on your situation and how many units of your board game you intend to move. The categories below may outlay which companies are best suited to business needs.

Crowdfunding Fulfilment:- ShipQuest, Fulfilment Crowd, James & James and 3PL.

General board game and product fulfilment companies:- CBF fulfilment, James & James, Wayland Games,

Crowdfunding (specific) board game fulfilment companies based in the UK

Whether you intend to, or have launched a Kickstarter campaign for your board game you may be considering how to sort the logistics and distribution?

The companies mentioned here may be best suited for getting your board game to your backers.

Shipquest, Fulfilment Crowd and James & James offer crowdfund-fulfilment packages. As does 3PL for larger campaigns.

Your best option to see which of these companies work for your unique project is to email them and find out more.

They can ship your product direct to your backers.

General board game e-commerce fulfilment companies

The potential best solutions for your e-commerce sale and end-user distribution are the following. :- CBF Fulfilment, James & James, Wayland games,

It should be noted that e-commerce stores and fulfilment companies are not the same. Boardgame retailers and distributors or standalone shops will select the products they feel they can sell.

Not ship on your behalf.

Make sure to check the difference when you are looking at fulfilment for you. Essentially the logistics being taken care of out of the house and sending direct to the customer or backer.

Some wholesale business 2 business distributors offer this also but are not strictly dedicated to fulfilment.

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How can the UK fulfilment companies help you with your board game?

Aside from easing the burden and taking care of all of the logistics and posting products. Fulfilment companies can offer – as advertised the handling of the shipment.

They can fulfil the shipping on your behalf within the UK.

And in certain cases, outside the UK.

UK specific fulfilment companies are important to take note of if you are looking to sell within the UK.

The UK has now left the EU. Checking that the fulfilment company can send within the UK without hold-ups is important.

It should also be noted that board game distribution companies and fulfilment companies can differ somewhat. Although the title may be the same.

Certain distribution companies may only focus on reselling your product in bulk to shops, e-stores, and other companies. This is what you would call business to business.

A board game fulfilment company may differ somewhat in that the focus on sending your games and products to individuals. Such as backers.

For crowdfunding – a service that mentions things such as ‘Kickstarter fulfilment’ is worth paying attention to if they list it in their services.

Some UK fulfilment companies offer both bulk business to business distribution and small product / individual fulfilment.

Was this list of UK board game fulfilment companies helpful?

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Fulfilment companies are not just for Crowdfunding and kickstarters! Expand your online e-commerce board game empire.

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