List of board game cafes in London – Where are all the board game cafes in London? Do board game cafes outside of zone 1? Well, with confidence, I can say that they do but for the purposes of clarity for this article, I will focus on board game cafes in London and Greater London. Any board game cafe’s outside of London deserves its own listing.


List of board game cafes in London

Are there places where you can play board games in London?

There are. In the boroughs of London – there are a few local board game cafes to choose from. Not forgetting to mention the board game cafes in the centre of London too if you are just visiting or live closer to zone 1.

The board game cafe is quite a phenomenon that appears to have grown alongside the renaissance of board games. Boardgame cafes are a great way to hang out with friends, find play testers for your board game and just have a good time all round.

This list of London board game cafes offers a bit of information about the specific board game cafe plus where they are roughly based geographically in London. Certain board game cafes have more games than others, different atmospheres, types of games, vibes and so on.

Onto the list of London based board game cafes!

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Board Game cafes in London | The list

Places to go, places to visit, board game cafes to see in London. A list of board game cafes and where you can play.

Draughts – Waterloo + Hackney

Draughts is a board game cafe dedicated to all that is board gaming. These cafes are based In London Waterloo & Hackney. You can go to Draughts with friends or as a group and enjoy a drink whilst you play. Draughts comes with a range of different types of board games but there is an entry fee at the door.

Candid Cafe In Angel

The Candid Cafe is based in Angel closer to the centre of London. Meh, Slightly North! ( in an ‘N’ zone)

The Crooked Billet – Wimbledon Village

The Crooked Billet is not a dedicated board game cafe but it does offer a small selection of traditional board games you can play in the main bar and drinking area.

The Library Pot – Richmond

Not far from Wimbledon via car is Richmond. The Library pot mentions it has a wide selection of board games you can play. This is outside of zone 1. Sorry!

Cakes and Ladders – Woodgreen

Cakes and Ladders is a converted double-decker bus that sells food and drinks and has board games to play. You can find Cakes and Ladders in Woodgreen in “N22”.

Proceed Clockwise – Shoreditch ( potentially closed )

Proceed Clockwise is/was a board game cafe based In Shoreditch in East London. As with many of the board game cafes, a small entry fee needs to be paid to access their extensive range of games!

Ludoquist – Croydon

Ludoquist is a board game cafe that has over 1500 board games to play according to information online. This board game cafe is based in Croydon, in south London. You can either pay for a 2-hour session or by paying a slightly higher fee, you can go for an extended period of time.

Scenario – Dalston

Scenario is a London based board game cafe and bar based in Dalston. It also houses some gaming consoles too and would make a good idea for a night out.

The Board Game Cave at Grin & Beer It – Highbury

This pub has an area you can access for a fee – the Board Game Cave. The board game cave is based in Highbury in North London. Why not enjoy an ale whilst you play?

The Bad Moon Cafe – Southwark, nr London Bridge

Bad Moon Cafe is perfect for Warhammer or Wargamers! Bad Moon Cafe is close to London Bridge tube and Borough Market. In addition to being able to play Warhammer at the Bad Moon Cafe, you can eat and drink and buy discounted Warhammer ( at the time of writing this ). Near London Bridge Tube / Borough / Southwark. It should also be noted that bad moon cafe offers other games too!

List of board game cafes in London

Other places to play board games in London

Boardgame cafes are not the only places where you can play board games if you live in or are visiting London. There are plenty of groups and board game fanatics on websites such as MEET UP. If you have not browsed MEET UP to find dedicated places to play board games, it could be worth a look.

Wimbledon for one has a monthly board game meet up. But check! These can come and go.

Often some family-friendly pubs, or pubs with a more traditional setting will have games such as the classics, cards, chess.

Some of the board game shops in London will also offer areas in which you can play games too!

To summarise below, here is a speed list of board Game cafes in London.

List of board game cafes around London and Greater London | List

Places where you can play board games in London.

  • Draughts (Waterloo)
  • Draughts (Hackney)
  • Candid Cafe in (Angel)
  • Crooked Billet ( Wimbledon, Pub, with a couple of shelves of games )
  • Library Pot ( Richmond )
  • Cakes & Ladders ( Woodgreen )
  • Proceed Clockwise ( Shoreditch, East London )
  • Ludoquist ( Croydon )
  • Scenario ( Dalston )
  • The Board Game Cave ( Highbury )
  • Bad Moon Cafe ( Southwark, nr London Bridge and Borough Market )
  • Meet Up Groups Around London ( Varying )
  • Board Game Shops ( dotted around London )

Why go to a board game cafe?

If you have you have read this far down the list, you must already be a keen board game player. There are quite a few places in London to choose from if you want to play board games.

But you may be a board game sceptic or want know why a board game cafe maybe a good idea for an evening with friends?

Going to a dedicated board game cafe can be a great idea for both a family day and for an evening with friends. There are board game cafes that are more geared towards being a bar as opposed to solely – just about the board game cafe. If you are a more casual board game player or party game player. You may or may not wish to choose a cafe in some of the more bustling nightspots.

Another reason why board game cafes are a good idea? They can be an affordable night out and fun. London has plenty board game cafes to choose from. If you are thinking of a night out in Angel, perhaps the Candid Cafe may be a good place to consider.

The only time an evening at a board game cafe might sour is if you play with a sore loser friend! Try not to win too much. The evening could get a bit awkward after that!

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Which is the best board game cafe in London

Saying there is a ‘best’ board cafe wouldn’t be fair on the other board game cafes. But saying that, the board came cafe or place with the alleged largest and most extensive collection of board games is Ludoquist in Croydon, South London.

According to information provided online. Ludoquist has over 1400 board games to choose from. Perhaps one of the largest and most extensive collections in London.

Which is the cheapest board game cafe in London?

By cheap do you mean free or affordable? Most of the board game cafes are affordable, hovering at a budget of around £3 – £5. In terms of value, As an example, Ludoquist in Croydon south London offers a huge range of games you can play. But many of the cafes listed offer an affordable evening.

*As prices can change from business always check the cafe prices their website and also check if you need to book before attending.

Are there any ‘dedicated’ London board game cafes?

There is a selection of board game cafes to suit a range of expectations and tastes. If you are looking for a dedicated London board game cafe that focuses on Warhammer for example. Bad Moon Cafe may be the venue for you.

If you are looking for board game cafes with a wide range of traditional games. Then venues such as Ludoquist, Library Pot, Draughts would be a good example.

Or if you are looking for a board game cafe to start your evening before going on a pub crawl. Perhaps the Board Game Cave and Candid Cafe may set the tone. Or Draughts, which is based both in Waterloo and Hackney.

What London board game cafe should you go to?

It comes down to what you like, what you want to spend and where you are planning to stay or live in London. There are various board game cafes dotted around central London. If you are intending on doing a day trip, then some of the board game cafes in the centre of London may be best suited.

Written below, is some details on the geography of some of the board game cafes mentioned above. East and West have been also labelled next to where the board game cafes are in London. The ‘Central London’ locations are based around London Bridge and Waterloo area.

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London board game cafes ( South London )

  • Ludoquist ( Croydon )
  • Library Pot ( Richmond, South West )
  • Bad Moon Cafe ( Central, South )
  • Draughts ( South Central, London – Waterloo )

London Board Game cafes North of the River

  • Cakes and Ladders ( Woodgreen )
  • Candid Cafe ( Angel )
  • Draughts ( North East / Hackney )
  • Scenario ( North East – more east )
  • Proceed Clockwise ( more east – check website for further details, potentially closed )

Board game cafes in central London

  • Draughts ( Waterloo )
  • Bad Moon Cafe ( Southwark, nr London Bridge )

Where to find Board Game Cafes in London!

As a summary, there are plenty of places to choose from and this article hasn’t found or listed every single one! There are a lot of board game cafes in London and Greater London. Many of the board game cafes are closer to the centre of London, slightly towards the east of the city. Some of the larger cafes are in the outer boroughs of London.

With regards to other board game cafes based around the UK and other cities. That is a story for another day.

Thank you for reading! And enjoy your time going to a board game cafe.

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