3 fun (cheap) low cost card games for family and friends – avoid offence by reading!

Ideas for cheap, fun family and friend cards games – apart from CAH

Are you stuck for new card game ideas to buy for a friend or family member? Maybe you are looking for something to pack out your huge game collection as you love card themed games

Welcome friend! Stuck for ideas? Needing to find some games for gamers and non-gamers, games that your nan would play – be careful! Getting the wrong one might cause offence… or maybe you want to cause offence.

Selfish Card Game - Space Edition
Selfish Card Game

Ridley’s Selfish Card Game Strategic Card Game – Special Edition – Space.

Selfish is a perfect solution if you need to get something for around the £15 – £20 mark. I have played this game (special edition) with friends and family and it went down treat! It was simple to learn and easy to play, even non-gamers will grasp it quickly.

What is Selfish? Apart from being an insult to describe your ex-partner, Selfish is also a card game. Selfish is a ruthless survival challenge where you must reach the space shuttle before the players beat you to the airlock and let out dastardly Muttley laugh from the confines of their space helmet… or you run out of oxygen, both are slightly funny – sounds simple, but…

It’s crafty race for survival, you need to use tricks cards, weapons, blackholes, asteroids and oxygen tank punctures to thwart the other players, who thought you could be so mean! I knew it all along…

Him - Selffish Box Cover

You don’t want to end up like the guy on the front of the box now!

In Detail

Selfish is a fun and well-rounded game which is reasonably quick to learn and play. I often find games that are quick to learn are often the best for family occasions. This is perfect for those with short attention spans and a gentle learning curve. This card came works on a point system, your actions or non-actions will spend a certain number of points leaving room for bad decisions and playful meanness.

It’s about point spending and survival

Your points are spent per go in the form of using weapons and forcefields etc. Sometimes doing nothing is the best idea if you need to conserve your points or players are picking on you. This allows a lot of control from the players and makes it an engaging game where it isn’t solely down to luck.

Selfish Cards Graphics Space Edition
Nice Cards!

Where did I find it?

I found Selfish in retail shops when browsing for gifts. I bought it as something that may entertain when going between families.

What do I think?

It’s ideal for younger family members and older players, it will bridge the gap between young and old. Do take into consideration that this game is unsuitable for young children.

Overview of Selfish Card Game

  • Perfect for family occasions
  • This is a special edition of the game (Space Edition) and is certain to to make someone feel special of make an awesome collectors for your shelf
  • Great fun and packed with vibrant visuals
  • Small and easy to carry between house
  • Non passive play – Players will enjoy the choices which can be made, the game is engaging.
  • It’s a game that may not appeal to more overtly serious game players.

You can find out more of what hardcore gamers think by reading here, or you can read more you can read this listing here to find out about the game spec. If you have read enough, you can go straight through to what was found on Ebay UK.

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Mouth Trap – A Bizarre Card Game for all of the family … Unless it is the adult edition

Mouth trap is fun, easy to play and should appeal to many people… but not everybody. This game is a solid 20 minutes of grimacing slippery fun which is certain to be a raucous crowd pleaser! – Yes, it’s for raucous silly people.
You can find this game online for around £10 – £20 bracket.

Mouth Trap Game
Mouth Trap

To play the game you have to insert a mouthguard, flip a timer, and try to read the phrases before the timer runs out – that is the essence of the game. Sound easy? Try saying “cabbage” with a dental guard in your mouth, who’s laughing now!? Probably your teammate and everyone in the room.

It’s good, but some self-conscious people were less keen play

This game may not appeal to everybody as mentioned in the opening line but it will certainly appeal to some. If you like silly, loud, funny and slightly grotesque then I would highly recommend it. If you are slightly self-conscious or hate having your teeth on show then I would advise against this product. I presented this product to 2 different groups of friends -1 group absolutely loved it, the other group despised it and said “it would be better if you didn’t have to show your teeth”could it be a different game in other words. Take into consideration who you are buying this for.

The Game Elements


This game comes with over 200 phrases which will last for a few playthroughs. If you have used all of the cards you can extend the playthroughs by purchasing additional expansion packs or game editions.

The Forfeits

If this boisterous game wasn’t enough with just the phrase and the dental guards that come with it then this will certainly bring a bit more spice to the game. Mouth Trap games come with 20 Forfeit cards which must be carried out by the loosing player or team at the end of of the round. The forfeits can range from playing statues, singing songs, the alphabet, uploading selfies, phone a friend and so on all usually with a guard in.


This measures the length of each player go.

The Dental Guards

The game comes with dental guards – a key part of the game – which players use on their turns to distort what they are trying to say. The guards come in medium and small but different sizes can be purchased online.

Who Would like it.

The family edition is great for the whole family, including teens, uncles, aunties and maybe grandparents. The Not Suitable For Nuns edition is the equivalent of an ‘adult edition’ of the game which comes with rude phrases that you might not wish to say in front of your parents, or young children. The Adult editions are also more difficult.

Not suitable for nuns is the adult edition of the game

This game is great for family fun or parties and is reasonably low cost to buy from online and existing retailers. You can read more on the spec on our listings page.

Mouth Trap Family Edition Overview

Mouth Trap Game
  • Good silly fun for all.
  • Gets a lot of laughs when played.
  • Its easy to learn and quick to play.
  • This edition (UK) of the game comes with relevant phrases content to keep it on point with humour and UK audiences – And Australian.
  • The game may not appeal to everyone due to it’s grotesque nature.

You can read more on the game spec here > Mouth Trap First Edition

Cards Against Humanity

If you’ve not heard of Cards Against Humanity where have you been for the past 7 years? This game is not fun for all the family. Cards Against Humanity is a game that is full of non-PC jokes, crass remarks and cheerful wrongness that may raise a few eyebrows, and that is putting it delicately.

Cards Against Humanity

*This game should not be played by those who take offence easily.

(Rules) according to wikipedia (source)

To start the game, each player draws ten white cards.

According to the rule book provided with the game, the person who most recently pooped (a form of primitive randomization) begins as the “Card Czar” (or “Card Tsar”) and plays a black card, face up. The Card Czar then reads the question or fill-in-the-blanks phrase on the black card out loud.

The other players answer the question or fill in the blanks by each passing one white card (or however many required by the black card), face down, to the Card Czar.

The Card Czar shuffles all of the answers and shares each card combination with the group. For full effect, the Card Czar should usually re-read the black card before presenting each answer. The Card Czar then picks the funniest play, and whoever submitted it gets one “Awesome Point”.

After the round, a new player becomes the Card Czar, and everyone draws back up to 10 white cards.[10]

The part of speech of a white card is a noun or gerund, including both single words and phrase constructions. Black cards are either fill-in-the-blank statements or questions. Both white and black cards break these rules on rare occasions.

The rules do not state how to win the game—the object being simply to have fun.

The rules in Cards Against Humanity are flexible and can be altered with the many house rules (which are listed in the rules) that players can incorporate (e.g. winning cards are chosen democratically, ability to trade points for cards, points given by ranks, etc.). The official rules include additional provisions for gambling previously won “Awesome Points” for the right to play additional white cards during a round.”

General Opinion of the game

I have played Cards Against Humanity on a couple of occasions with both friends and family. It went down well most of the time, although judgements were made behind closed doors and not from me. I found it sad to hear about the “Judgements” because the game at it’s core is out to get a laugh – a dark one – but a laugh non the less.

The quality of the gameplay varies considerably depending on who is playing it. It’s game that helps if you understand your audience and who will see the humour in it. Do they like subtle humour? Try this card… are they more of a witty crowd? Then try this, If they are a bawdy crowd, go for rude.

This game is hugely popular and it is understandable why.

One down side of the game

The one thing I will say with Cards Against Humanity, once the initial shock factor wears off, I became desensitised to the game. Cards Against Humanity has a limited number of play-throughs, so if you like the game you may need to purchase more expansion packs.

Cards Against Humanity is a popular game, cheap and is readily available online. You can view the product details on here without having to navigate away from Dragon Bone Games. Or if you are eager to snap up a bargain you can go straight to Ebay and purchase it.

Cards Against Humanity Overview

  • Dirty and rude fun for those that like that sort of thing
  • Great for player with a warped sense of humour
  • Affordable and great add-on to your collection
  • Shouldn’t be played with those that take offence easily
  • Shouldn’t be played with or around minors

Cheap Card games for family Friends

Thank you for reading!

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