Mouth Trap – The Laugh Out Loud Part Game! (First Edition)

“The rust-have-hrarty game! TRANSLATION: “The must have party game!” Mouth Trap the game where players read out devilishly tricky phrases whilst the mouth trap inhibits their lips, their teammate has to guess as many phrases as possible in the space of a minute! Think you can do it, sounds easy, but think again saying these phrases is much more difficult wearing the mouthpiece! There is a difference with this game than the other mouthpiece games in that this has forfeit cards for the losers of the game! Contents include: 8 mouth traps, phrase cards, forfeit cards, sand timer.

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Mouth Trap Family Edition – Fun Family Games


How could I not recommend this game! This is Satzuma’s take on the hilarious mouth guard game where you (the player) read out insane phrases whilst trying to beat the timer – the snag is you have to read out the phrases whilst wearing the guard. This game is absolute madness! If laughing at your gurning team mate wasn’t enough! The loosing team has to fulfilled a forfeit from the dreaded red deck. – A lot of time was invested in making this game fun and good value for friends and family. Its really easy to pick up and play and we hope that you will play the game and cherished memories of an absurd evening playing Mouthrap.

Please note there are other versions of this game. But many were lacking the effort in it’s creation, silliness and content. All yo need for this game is a good sense of the humour and room to sit in – and maybe a paper towel. This is a must play for students, friends, parties, hen dos, stag dos and whole host of other events.

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