Buy single rows of plastic Nurglings (cluster)

Nurglings, mites of Nurgle are little blobs of horror that can be used with a Death Guard or Nurgle army. The 2017 edition of Nurglings comes as a box with plastic sprues of Nurglings. These rows and individual Nurglings can be arranged in a variety of ways.

Dragon Bone Games has searched and linked to where you can potentially buy some rows of plastic Nurglings for your collection.

Listing information

  • Various rows of Nurglings from the 2017 edition of Warhammer Nurglings
  • Nurglings are cast in plastic
  • Nurglings can be glued and stacked together

If you decide to buy metal Nurglings from the search on eBay Dragon Bone Games may receive a commission. Thank you for your support.

buy single rows of plastic nurglings

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Single Rows of plastic Nurglings

Buy single rows of plastic Nurglings. There were many different types of Nurglings. You may be after purchasing the single rows of Nurglings to buff your army, to create an art piece or for decoration for your games. Nurglings bring buckets of character to the battle environment.

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You may also be interested in looking at a complete box of Nurglings or looking at the individual models.

It should be mentioned that listing and multi listings of Nurglings come and go. You have to be quick to catch them!

Buy A Nurgling Cluster

buy single rows of plastic nurglings