If you are looking for a way to store your miniatures for cheap but don’t want to spend your money on pluck foam storage then you have come to the right place!

How to store your miniatures for cheap

This post covers some methods on how to store your prized miniatures at very little cost. Most of the solutions listed on the post can be done very cheaply or even using some products you may have lying around your home.

So…how do store my miniatures?

It should be noted that the best way to store miniatures whether painted or unpainted is inside a foam protected container or box. And if you cant use foam – something that is ‘like’ foam. (not expanding foam)

The foam inside your box will reduce chipping, breaking or damage to your models.

Painting your models only to see them chipped and broken can be disheartening – especially if you have gone to the lengths of doing a nice job of painting them.

Don’t scrimp too much on the inner protection my friend!

How to store your miniatures for cheap box idea

You also don’t want to find that your models have come unglued or are broken when you attend a games evening.

How embarrassing!

Using foam-lined boxes or containers are especially useful if you are transporting your miniatures for a games night, or a to an event where you want to stop your painted mini’s from having a rough journey.

So do bear that in mind!

Take the time and effort to secure your models.

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How to store your product for cheap | tips

There are quite a few creative ways of storing your miniatures very cheaply. I will go on to talk about what methods I have used to store my old models and miniatures and how you can do it too!

I know, what a know it all!

Using a tackle box or an art box

If you are looking for a good way of keeping everything separate but together in one container then a tackle box or an Artbox is a great way of doing it.

For additional support to protect your models, you can either buy foam of use kitchen towel between your models and if you have any lying around – bubble wrap!

The image shown is a representation of the artbox you can buy, it’s semi-transparent too!

Product closed storage

This product is yet to let me down. The product is the Daler Rowner Artbox. It stores old miniatures along with the art tools and paints. It’s a carry-all, that has everything ready and rearing to go once it has been pulled out from storage.

All I have to do is unclip it and there it all is!

How to store your miniatures top down storage
How to store your miniatures open box storage

I have used an assortment of things to cushion the models inside ranging from tissue, bubble wrap to clear clip seal bags.

Another great advantage to a box such as the Artbox is that is almost clear. You can see the contents inside without having to open everything up and pull it all out.

I have attached a link here where you can buy the Daler Rowner Artbox online. At this time I am not affiliated with this product.

Don’t like that one, here are some other ideas.

Click Lid Lunch Box

This is another very cheap way of storing your models. Why not use an old click sandwich box? These can be purchased from a supermarket or if you have one spare in the cupboard, use that!

Feeling hungry? Use a takeaway box

If you want to really get some bang for your buck and you have worked up a sweat from gaming or painting models you can always order take away! Sometimes they will send the food in a plastic container that you can wash out and reuse!

I have used a plastic takeaway container on a few occasions for storing models and art equipment and they are okay.

What is great though …

You can feed yourself and save the environment a bit AND store your models. What a win!

That’s a savvy and cheap way of storing your models if I don’t say so myself!

Cushioning and protecting your models (cheaply)

As mentioned previously there are a few low-cost ways in which you can add some additional protection to your models. This is still relevant even if you have a hard case to protect your miniatures.

Bubble Wrap

This a great low-cost way of keeping your models safe and adding extra support for transit. You can cut the bubble wrap to fit the size of the compartment or completely enshroud your miniature in the stuff and cram it into a container.

It is down to you.

Bubble wrap is a great low-cost method of wrapping your models and reducing damage. You can buy bubble wrap anywhere. You don’t need a special model branded bubble wrap, just something as simple as this should do the trick.

How to store your miniatures for cheap - pop it if you must
Pop … pop …pop

Paper towels and newspapers

This is one of my least favourite ways of storing models with paper towels being the worst. But, a paper towel is better than nothing, just set your expectations low.

Scrunched up newspapers, on the other hand, can be very handy for bulking out big empty spaces inside the tool of craft boxes.

How to store your miniatures for cheap - mega poor

Sponge foam (efoam)

Foam is awesome and one of my favourite materials for keeping things safe. There is a reason that the larger companies use this to line their model/gaming boxes.

Foam, such as the dark efoam that you may see used in upholstery is a great material. It can be cut, it’s bouncy, it supportive, it can be shaped!

With a material such as efoam, it is down to you to make sure you do a good job of shaping it and cutting its size.

eFoam ticks a lot of boxes to be honest and here is a list of why it is great for transporting your models:

  • It can be cheap
  • You can buy just the material and insert it into an artbox, toolbox or even click lid sandwich box.
  • It will keep your painted miniatures protected – if you cut it and shape it well
  • It is a good solution for transportation

Now, if the foam isn’t a great way of storing your models for cheap! Well, tissue paper and a coat pocket it is then! You can view the foam product here on Amazon.

If these cheaper methods for storing your models haven’t yet quite convinced you, perhaps you should consider some other alternative methods.

Maybe you want a cool, purpose-made storage solution?

Perhaps you want to show that you use Battle Foam? (you peacock!)

Regardless, here is a piece of information on other storage solutions but this a more premium method.

Now, if the foam isn’t a great way of storing your models for cheap! Well, tissue paper and a coat pocket it is then!

The best way to store your miniatures with a product

One of the best ways to store your miniatures or models is inside a product called Battle Foam. Battle Foam is where I keep my more expensive and collectible miniatures for safekeeping.

There are many reasons why Battle Foam is great for storing your miniatures which deserves a post in itself.

This post is focused more on how you can store your products with low-cost methods so drooling over Battle Foam can come another day.

Peacok storage solution for you models - but very cool!!
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Other questions on how to Store your miniatures

Best way store my miniatures for transportation – cheap

As mentioned above, the storage boxes with foam interiors make a great solution to protect your beloved models.

But, if you need to get from A to B, and keep it all neat and tidy, a personal favourite would be a semi-transparent art box with bubble wrap and foam.

Done! In my humble opinion.

How do I store my 28 miniatures?

Following the theme of how to store your miniatures for cheap, you can use the exact methods listed above to store your 28 of 32 mm models also. This post has already been written with these types of sizes in mind. Also, the image illustrates this in action.

Use a tackle box, an art box or even a sandwich box but make sure it has cushioning inside. Don’t scrimp on the cushioning! Otherwise, your model will break when the rattle around inside.

So if you have old (or new) Warhammer models, models for Kickstarter products, or historical or even Airfix then this should do the trick.

How to store your miniatures for cheap – box

I hope this post has been useful and offers some insight on how to store your miniatures for low cost, or if you have this stuff lying around, without having to buy new stuff.

If you feel that this article has been of use and you know of someone needing to store the models correctly – please share.

In other words, if they have a box of broken models send them this link.

End of Tips | how to store your miniatures for cheap

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