This is a list of 30 free quiz questions and answers for artists, creative friends of those that enjoy questions around the visual arts.

This set of free pub quiz questions and answers has been written for artists and those with some creative industry knowledge – scaling from easy to difficult in no particular order.

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free pub quiz questions and answers for artists
free pub quiz questions and answers for artists

There are over 30 questions and answers to use with many of them already being tried and tested in other quizzes. The questions have also been crossed checked so if you have an artistic or creative friend that likes to call you out, hopefully, you can have the peace of mind that these have been checked!

30 free pub quiz questions and answers for artists

List of 30 free pub quiz questions and answers | FREEBIES!

Artistic questions from 1 to 30…

Section 1.

1) Salts Mill is based in Yorkshire in the UK and once held the title of being one of the largest mills in the world, it is now a grade 2 listed building and has since been renovated and turned into a gallery, cafe, and tourist attraction. Which renowned British pop artist, printmaker, and photographer has held many exhibitions there? = David Hockney

2 ) Which famous renaissance painter and sculptor carved the final rendition of the statue of “David” = Michaelangelo

3) Claude Monet was one of the founders of which art movement? = Impressionism

4 ) Which famous artist was mistakenly alleged to have invented scissors = Leonardo Da Vinci, he used them frequently but he was not the inventor according to various historical sources.

5 ) Damien Hurst is known to have created a piece of artwork which is a platinum cast skull covered in 8000 diamonds! What is the name of this piece of art? = For the Love of God

6 ) Georgia O’Keefe was an American artist best know for painting what? = Close up, flower paintings

7 ) What was Walt Disney’s first fully animated feature film? And for a bonus answer, when was it released? = Snow White and the seven dwarves were the first fully animated featured film and it was released in 1937.

8 ) What was the name of the cartoonist that created the cartoon/ animation “The Simpson’s”? = Matt Groening

9 ) What are the 3 primary colours in painting? = Red , yellow, blue

10 ) “Chicken Run” was created by which British animation studio? = Chicken Run was created by Aardman Animations

Section 2 of artistic questions!

11 ) Which modern artist was the creator of “unmade bed” and as a bonus answer, for what prize was it shortlisted? = The unmade bed was created by the Young Artist Tracey Emin and it was shortlisted for the Turner prize

12 ) Chupa Chups, the hardboiled lollipop, was launched In 1969, who created the Chupa Chups logo? = Salvador Dali, the surrealist painter was the creator of the Chupa Chups logo.

13 ) Who created the famous painting “The Scream “ = Edvard Munch

14 ) Goldsmith and inventor Johanass Gutenberg, created the Printing press. In which year was the printing press sold commercially? If Nobody gets the exact number, the closest guess can take a point. = 1450

15 ) Which famous painter and inventor created the Mona Lisa = Leonard Da Vinci

16 ) What 2 colours should you mix to make purple = Red and blue

17 ) What is the name of the Swiss dark surrealist painter that created the original alien design for the film “Alien” that was released in 1979? = H.R Giger

18 ) The oldest known cave painting is a Hand Stencil in Spain. How many years old is it believed to be? If nobody gets the exact number, the closest takes the point. = 64,000 years!

19 ) What occupation is Neville Brody best known for? = Graphic Designer

20 ) Which artist painted a series of some of the most iconic water Lillie series to date? = Claude Monet

Section 3 | of artistic questions

21 ) Pablo Picasso pioneered which artistic movement = Cubism

22 ) Which female baroque-period artist painted the “Madonna and Child”? = Artemisia Gentileschi

23 ) What was is the current record price for the most expensive piece of art ever sold in Dollars? If nobody guesses correctly the closest takes a point. = Salvator Mundi by Leonardo Da Vinci. It sold for a jaw dropping $450 million!

24 ) In 1942, which American artist painted “Night Hawks”? = Night Hawlks was painted by Edward Hopper in 1942.

25 ) Oil paints as we know them today! Apparently didn’t become ‘the norm’ until the renaissance period. What was the natural ingredient that was more commonly used in “tempura” paints by painters of renaissance artists? = Egg-Tempura paints – eggs or egg yoke to be precise! The yoke of the egg was mixed with pigments to create paint.

26 ) Roald Dahl’s stories were often illustrated by which famous cartoonist and children’s book illustrator? This cartoonist style often shows very animated and humorous characters with long thin limbs = Sir Quintin Blake!

27 ) The Beano is a long-standing British comic that features characters such as Gnasher and Dennis the Menace. In which year was it first published? = July 1938

28 ) What medium or creative profession does “Kerning” get mentioned in? = Design and typography, the proportional space between letters. (Letter Spacing + Graphic Design)

29 ) An animated cartoon program that was first aired in the early march 1990 featured the names of famous renaissance artists. Can you name these 4 characters/renaissance artists? (first names only) = Michaelangelo, Donatello, Raphael, Leonardo.

30 ) Can you guess the painter that lived in these places in their lifetime? Antwerp, London, Ramsgate, Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels to name a few of many. = Vincent Van Gogh, he got around!

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