Dark World Fantasy Board Game – Created 1990’s

Darkworld was (is a great) game to play. It comes with a range of models and atmospherics graphics to pull the players into the game.


Dark World Board Game

After searching the internet I cam across this awesome old game that will tear you straight back into the the early 90’s! This dungeon crawling game comes with hero’s and monsters similar to the likes hero quest and other fantasy games that were out at the time. The Dark World game is more interactive than some it’s counterparts. As the player you can open and close chests, open hinged doors and players come with a life counter integrated into their bases. This game would make a great additional to your shelf whether you are a classic game collector or someone that is look at a dungeon crawler from the past.

After trawling the internet I came across this edition of the game which you can either buy new or used.

– Suitable for ages 10 +
– Created By Waddingtons
– Great for collectors
– Great for those that love fantasy and dungeon crawlers

A game for adventurers with courage, skill and daring. For many years, Korak, the Cobran Nemesis, had used his vast army of monsters to spread chaos and destruction throughout the known world. He seized kingdoms, destroyed villages and spread terror in many lands. Into this Dark World came four brave adventurers, Princes of their race, grimly determined to destroy Korak and his evil hordes or perish in the attempt. THE FINAL BATTLE BEGINS….. “