This post has been created to show you how to get your hands on individual GW Spaces Marines. Space Marines typically come in boxes and with multiple models inside, or as small units of 3 if you are looking at the ‘easy assemble’ ranges.


Without wasting too much of your time, as time can be spent building an army! This is where you can buy individual W40K Space Marines for your collection.

Individual space marine

Quick answer – where to get single space marines?

It sounds almost like a hot date from the future but here we go. You can get individual Space Marines on eBay or from independent e-tailers. Or… you can buy a box of Space Marines and share the cost with your friends and pick the models and pieces you want.

That is the short and sweet answer but there are other ways too to get those Space Marines to break away from their squad.

The points below go into greater detail of where you can buy them.

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Buy individual spaces marines on eBay

I would advise looking through eBay and seeing what you can find. There are so many listings to choose from, whether these are just bits and pieces or complete models still attached to their sprue’s they, can generally be found on eBay.

Space Marines on Sprue – eBay

If you do decide to buy models from eBay make sure that you check that you are buying from a shop or an individual dealer with a good reputation.

Below is a list of where you can buy these gents on the eBay market. You can also buy some bits and new parts here

*It should be noted here, that if you do decide to purchase from eBay DBG may be paid a small commission at no additional cost to you. And if you do follow one of these links and make a purchase, Dragon Bone Games would like to say thank you for the support. The links provided are scouted from honest sellers.

Buy them pre-owned on eBay

Where else, again on eBay but this time, as you are considering where to buy individual space marines why not look at pre-owned and painted models? Eww, I hear?

You can also always purchase the models and strip the paint from the plastic and give them a nice undercoat!

There you go, you have some almost good as new Space Marines to add to your collection. There is no harm in re-loving some old models.

Look on Ebay here for individual Space Marines

Buy a complete new box of space marines and share

And why not, team up and your friends and buy a box of space marines together and share the models and bits and pieces. Warhammer 40k models can be expensive, and doing this can reduce the cost.

Sharing is caring!

There are also some on a sprues – intercessors. (takes you to eBay)

Easy Build Intercessor box on eBay (takes you to eBay)

If you want to selection of Spaces Marines and miniatures you can always buy First Strike although the box comes with Death Guard models so this may not be ideal, as you will have surplus models – but always an option!

Go to a show

Tabletop gaming shows are a perfect way for going to ‘bring and buy’ stands and having a rummage through their models. Many of these miniatures will be pre-owned but these are generally stripped and resprayed – so people such as yourself can show them the TLC they deserve.

Not only that, but they have also already gone to the trouble to strip and spray the miniatures so you don’t have to.

Just to name a couple of shows that you can attend are:- Salute, Dragon Meet, Uk Games Expo and there are various others which will have your individual Space Marines hiding in a container somewhere.

Buy an individual space from somebody that knows somebody

Simply asking around game communities such as Board Game Geek or going to your local store may bear some fruit when you are on a mission to buy an individual Space Marine.

Board Game Geek has a very active gaming community, with a heavy lean towards tabletop games with miniatures. You should go over and take a look – you might find something.

Where to buy individual Space Marines – Summary

Hopefully, this post has offered some ideas as to where you can buy individual Space Marines to add to your army or create unique pieces. In a nutshell, you are most likely to find individual models on eBay, both new and pre-owned.

Falling this, scout gaming communities and such as the board game geek forum to see what you can find there.

Thank you for reading this post. If you decide to buy Space Marines from eBay following these links, DBG may get a small commission at no additional cost to you as mentioned above. DBG has already done some of the scouting for you so you don’t need to trawl the internet, looking for safe sellers – we did that for you marine!

We bled for you… Stay frosty.



Happy collecting.

P.s as an afterthought, Facebook and Social media could be a good place to look and put a shout out there.

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Space Marine image Source – Wikipedia – Selection of Space Marines from The Mighty Brush