Will they reprint Space Crusade and if so, in what capacity and who will make it? Judging by evidence that has been posted online. The classic Space Crusade that was part of the Warhammer 40K universe will not be reprinted or remade any time soon.

Classic Space Crusade Board game - Copyright GW, MB games

To reiterate – the classic Space Crusade will not get a remake. There is no news or evidence to conclude that an official reprint of Space Crusade is on the cards between the two gaming giants that created it in the first place.

At least – For now…

There have been rumours going around forums and online that Space Crusade may get remade or reprinted and some companies have ‘claimed’ to be remaking the game.

The Ye Olde Space Crusade

The original Space Crusade was made by Games Workshop and Milton Bradley in the late ’80s. This game went hand in glove with the Warhammer 40 K universe. It was also a futuristic version (although quite different) of Hero Quest which was also created by the same companies.

The companies mentioned above were the original creators of Space Crusade.

I shall divulge n detail as to why the reprint of the old and true version of Space Crusade is unlikely at this time.

And any companies claiming to be remaking Space Crusade outside of MB games and GW is unlikely to be the same Space Crusade that was printed into the late 80’s early 1990’s.

Here are some viable reasons as to why THE Space Crusade won’t get a reprint.

Title Reprint classic space crusade

Reprint Space Crusade, why it is unlikely to happen any time soon – sadly

The 100% conclusive answer would be difficult to obtain without working for the publisher or creators of the original Space Crusade. Some of the older employees of the likes of Milton Bradley, Games Workshop, or Hasbro would give you a more definite answer.

The answers and reasons below are likely, based on experience working with board game creation and past company politics with products (games)

The issues to reprint the Classic Space Crusade could be around the following reasons :

  • There are too many parties and companies involved in its recreation (politics)
  • The game isn’t profitable and detracts from of products (eg Warhammer 40 K)
  • Energy is being invested in other products and games which make more money
  • The copyright and patent is potentially caught up in a convoluted web of ownership between 2 companies, maybe more.
  • Manufacture of the game would be too costly to sustain and require a lot of time and company resources the run.
  • The companies involved in creating simply may not need it anymore. It was an introduction game into Warhammer 40 K. And W40K is big… very big.

These are a selection of potential and hypothetical reasons as to why Space Crusade, as in the original that many of us remember, won’t get made.

But, as with many things in business, and games. If there is profit to be made. Money and demand may potentially grease the many cogs and wheels to get this engine moving.

If they think it is worth it, they will make it.

In other words, if the original creators of the game see enough demand. Then they may consider remaking it or licensing it to be remade under strict creative control.

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“Space Crusade” is being remade! Hurrah!

Just like is it being reprinted, no Space Crusade isn’t getting a remake. Not officially.

A company is making a “space crusade” game but this is not the same Space Crusade that you once knew or a contemporary remake of a classic.

It shares only the name and that is all.

Space Crusade Board Close

The alleged “Space Crusade” that you may stumble upon is not part of the Warhammer universe.

The company that is making a game called Space Crusade features female soldiers with bikini armour, guns, and various creatures. This is in no way part of the original as you may expect and not even to the same tune of Warhammer’s grimdark atmosphere.

The game mentioned is their own Space Crusade. It is not a remake of MB, GW Space Crusade. Or even direct reprint of the game for that matter.

In sharing name it is like 2 people being called ‘John’ one can say that was my name first and the other can be called John – but they are not both the same person.

And this is the case with the confused Space Crusade reprint.

It’s not getting a reprint or remake, for now

Reprint space crusade? The conclusive answer is that it is unlikely to be reprinted as the original that was created by Milton Bradley and Games workshop is probably some sort of dark place of co-ownership and product conflict. And they will only make it if the demand is large enough.

As in – colossal demand.

So unless that demand can be quantified, it is unlikely. Creating board games is expensive and risky and especially if there is a belief it will detract from more profitable products.

But, you never know. Things could change and big negotiations could be happening as you read this post. Who knows what could be launched in the next few years.

If you are a passionate Space Crusade fan (as in the original) then maybe you can rally some other fans together?

Space Crusade Game 90's

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You may also find some of the posts below helpful A game such as first strike is more likely to be created than a remake of Space Crusade. If you have the original Space Crusade in your loft, you may wish to check its value.

Let’s make a wish that they will reprint Space Crusade. If you wish hard enough – it may happen. But as it stands, the original isn’t being reprinted! Nooo! – reprint space crusade.

The alternative Space Crusade is mentioned here, on Dakka Dakka. ( alternative game possibly no longer in print either )