What is an incomplete Space Crusade worth? Depending on the condition of your Space Crusade Board game, the value can vary drastically based on the condition of the game box, the contents, what cards you have, the condition of the miniatures, and whether you have all of the components together. All these will affect the value of your game.

The less you have, the less the value.

So, in a nutshell, the answer is – “it depends” based on the condition of your incomplete Space Crusade, but not all missing parts are equal in lowering the value of your game.

what is an incomplete space crusade worth?

Incomplete Space Crusade board game value

If you have most of the game, you could be in for a winner. Tokens, dreadnoughts, Genestealers are all valuable assets, and your game, if almost complete, may fetch for around £90 on eBay.

But, the complete game is worth a lot more, anywhere between £125 to £280.

What is Space Crusade worth on Amazon

Space Crusade is being sold on Amazon for up to £280 in perfect condition so depending on the condition of your game you ‘may’ be able to sell it for as high as that.

If you have 1 or 2 missing pieces and they are easy to replace, consider replacing these to increase the value of your game. And likewise for any damaged cards or boards. Replacing these may also increase the value of your game.

Space Crusade value on eBay

Some of the earliest editions of Space Crusade, that are incomplete are listed on eBay for around £70. A 1990 edition of the Games Workshop Space Crusade holds a very similar value of £75 for the incomplete game.

Some of the individual game cards and tokens can be listed for as little as £5.

Individual value of Space Crusade items

Here is a list of items describing the value of an incomplete Space Crusade components :-

– Incomplete pre 90’s edition was shown to be listed at £70.

– The 1990’s edition of Space Crusade – incomplete at a value of £75

– A ‘complete’ edition of 1990’s Space Crusade can value anywhere between £90 – £140 on eBay with the option to ‘buy now’ on eBay.

– The individual models vary drastically depending on the condition and how desirable they are. The models can range from 99p to £15. With the Dreadnought being one of the most valuable pieces!

– The box, on its own, can be worth £20 to buy. The box is desirable as this will be a part of the game that takes a lot of damage over the years and is hard to maintain.

The game stat cards and scanners can value at £2.99 – to £6.99 as individual parts.

– The Space Crusade Boards can be £20 approximately.

If you would like to find out more on the game boards you can view more on the this listing. This link will take you to another page on this website. Or if you would like to see more on a Space Crusade listing, view this page.

Most valuable and rare parts of the game

Certain components such as the small tokens, the cards, the box and the Dreadnought miniature hold more value as opposed to some of the Space Marines which can be purchased very cheaply.

(I know, I was surprised too!)

The miniatures are not necessarily the most valuable part of the game.

You can buy some of the following components here and now from eBay with links listed below. It should be noted that if you do decide to make a purchase from eBay, a small commission may be paid to Dragon Bone Games at no additional cost to you.

Thank you for your support! And good luck with purchasing those missing bits and bits from the game.

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What is an incomplete Space Crusade worth | Summary

What is an incomplete Space Crusade worth? Essentially, it comes down to the level completion of your Space Crusade game! But you will know that by now if you have read the rest of the post.

If you only have a beat up box with the plastic inlay and none of the game content, probably not very much, maybe around £15, if you are lucky.

On the other hand if your Space Crusade game is 90% complete. Then you could be looking in the region of £80 in the UK maybe around $100 USA.

I hope that this post has offered a bit of insight into what your semi-complete Space Crusade is worth on the internet/ Amazon / eBay.

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