Classic Doom Miniatures
If you are-long running fan of the Doom series since it’s inception in the early ’90s then you may be in for a treat! These much-desired models are genuine recreations from the computer game and Bethseda have also reproduced them – you can buy these miniatures now and this post looks at when you can buy them on sale.

The tomb has was again been cracked open, and once again the demons of hell shall spew forth… in the form of pewter miniatures. The prices and cost of the Classic Doom miniatures vary, but don’t let it put you off, you could be in for a chance!

It should also be noted, that these miniatures have never stepped over the Dragon Bone Games threshold… but we wish they had. SO BADLY.

Pink Demon
Pinky demon Copyright Doom

28 mm of hardcore Doom Miniatures – Prices and Worth

If you love models and you love Doom – especially the original, then you are in for a very big treat my friend. As you can buy these awesome models here or at varying rates on eBay! These models are a bit special it has to be said and with special comes special prices.

The prices for these miniatures varies drastically. From £11 or so to whooping £3,000, its a big jump and depends on who is selling them.

If you are wondering how much your doom models are worth and you are mad enough to sell them they have been spotted ranging anything from – £12 or so to £3000. HUGE money potentially depending on the condition of what you are selling.

The Original Doom Mancubus

Mancubus Doom Model - Classic Doom Miniatures
There it is! Doom Model

If you can recall the Mancubus was lumbering great mass of blubber with 2 great fireball launchers grafted to its lower arms. The Mancubus was pretty well fed considering it has no hands to use when eating! Anyway, the Mancubus was a cool creature design that would burst it’s putrid guts if you pumped it with enough shotgun pellets into it sending gore and entrails spilling to the ground – for nostalgia – you should look at the sprite.

Mancubus Doom Sprite

copyright id software – created by Doom the original doom team

From this 2D sprite, a model was created in the early 1990s by Reaper Miniatures. And guess what…?


You can buy these miniatures now! And I have attached a link to eBay here –

The Mancubus comes in a pewter form, in all of its gurning glory. You can read more on its product spec on this page.

Classic Knights of Hell 28 mm Doom Miniature

How could I even consider not adding the Knight of Hell with its angry green fists readying to hurl nuclear plasma death!

Did you know that the original doom sprites were actually 3D sculpts? And the animations were captured/photographed and all the art and colouring were added on the computer! You can look at the night of hell here to read a bit more. Casual trivia. you can also read a bit more on the Doom Miniatures here, on the Doom Wiki

Classic Doom Hell Knight Miniature | What a dude! Classic Doom Miniatures
Classic Doom Hell Knight! – Copyright Bethseda and Reaper Miniatures.

What is a Doom Knight of Hell Worth?

It should be noted that the Knights of Hell can be expensive to buy online with prices ranging from £17 to £3000! but I believe the expensive model may have been special, in that it was the original casting prototype – but if you catch it at the right time you may be in luck.

You can look at this bad boy here.

Pinky Demon Doom –

If you cant recall, the Pinky Demon was a pink demon that looked like a cross between a giant face and an angry pork chop – which loved the chain gun! As with the other models, the Pinky Demon can also be purchased here on eBay and added to your growing Doom collection.

Pink Demon - Original, Classic Character
Original Classic Doom Pinky Design
Classic Doom Miniature! Pinky Demon Miniature
Classic Doom Miniature! Pinky Demon Miniature |Scale

See this product on ebay… hopefully. If it has not already been purchased. You can scream at coins too!

The Imp

The leather brown Doom Imp is an iconic character of Doom in my opinion. With its spikes, comically largemouth and fireball hurling capability, this piece of demonic fodder were one of the earliest enemies you would come across and the first to taste the flavour of your bullets! Yeah, that’s right, take down the demon hordes with a pistol.

This model is also available on the worldwide web… or Ebay – via hamster wheel.

Doom Imp... Sprite

Take that Imp…

Doom Imp Model - Classic Doom Miniatures
Doom Imp Model!


Thank you for reading this post. If you couldn’t tell, this post was written with a sincere interest in the original doom characters which can be purchased online.

These models are now part of Bethseda. –

Classic Doom Miniatures

Thank you for reading this post! Hopefully, you will have a better insight into where to get hold of some of these classic doom miniatures for your much-needed collection. For transparency, it should be noted that if you purchase a doom miniature or product through some of the eBay links listed on this page, Dragon Bone Games may receive a commission at no additional cost to you.

Supporting Small Business

Many of the links on this page point towards individual traders and small business located on eBay. Links pointing to these smaller businesses set out to achieve a couple of objectives :

  • Bring odd, unique, individual products to you – such as the classic doom miniatures
  • Support small, individual and unique trustworthy businesses online.

* It should be noted that care has been taken to select products from reputable sellers. Listing on eBay can change over time, make sure you are buying from a trustworthy seller.

All designs, models, animations are Copyright Bethseda, id Software and Reaper Miniatures.

Where to buy Ebay :

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