What miniatures came in the Dark World board game? If you can recall, in a living room that time forgot, there was a board game. A board game called Dark World.

Dark World, or Darkworld, was a tabletop dungeon adventure game that came with a variety of different scenery and games pieces. Game components in other words.

It came with a range of interesting miniatures too.

If you are wondering what miniatures came in the Dark World board game – look no further! This topic lists what miniatures came in the original game. Including the weapons and items.

But before going into the details of the miniature list. Read the quick answer first.

what miniatures came in the dark world board game 1992

Dark World Board Game Graphic

miniatures came in the dark world, ork, Korak, manticore

A quick answer to what miniatures came in the Dark World board game – by Wadddingtons

The Darkworld ( Dark World ) board game came with 25 plastic cast miniatures that required slotta bases. These miniatures comprised of 4 Hero’s and 21 Monsters that required basic assembly. Including the bases, the magic items and the Hero’s weapons.

That is a quick overview of what miniatures came in the original 1992 Dark World board game. If you would like to see a more detailed list of miniatures – read below.

A detailed list of miniatures that came in the Dark World board game

This is a list of what plastic miniatures came in the complete Dark World board game. Including, hero’s, monsters and their accessories.

The 4 Hero’s

The 4 hero’s that came with the original Dark World board game were: the Barbarian, Knight, Ranger, and the Dwarf. They came with standard weapons that could be inserted into their hands plus golden versions of these weapons. Which could also be inserted into their hands.

The 21 Monsters

Dark World came with 21 Monsters. The clans and types of monsters range from Korak, Mummies, Ogres, Undead, and Orcs!

Korak | The Cobran Nemesis

Darkworld came with a miniature called Korak. Korak was a half-cobra half-man miniature and the dark overlord of the game. Korak was the one that placed the monsters on the board. You took the role of Korak if you played as the monster.

Dark World Korak miniature paint job


The Manticore is a half lion, half man, half scorpion miniature. The Manticore is one of the larger game pieces.

miniatures came in the dark world - the icon red Manticore (lion monster)

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The Haunter

The haunter is a miniature that resembles a grim reaper without a scythe. The miniature came with 2 out-reaching skeletal hands and a unique base that was designed to look like cobble/flagstones.

2 Mummies

The original complete boxed game came with 2 Mummies. These miniatures had one hand placed over their chest and the other is reaching out. These mummies differ from the HeroQuest mummies – You can read more about what comes in a box of HeroQuest: HeroQuest box contents. They are not the same model.

4 Ogres

All 4 Ogres in Dark World are tall and muscular and are carrying and piece of wood – a club. The club resembles a bunch of clutched twigs held together in a meaty fist. Despite the sculpt, it is in fact a club. Not a bunch of twigs!

4 Skeletons

The Dark World Skeletons wield scimitar-style weapons and are poised with their blades at waist height. The freehand is clenched and is raised away from the skeleton.

8 Orcs

The original Dark World board game, contained 8 Orcs wielding curved swords. Again, these miniatures are quite different from HeroQuest orks. You can find out about HeroQuest on this product listing.

miniatures from Dark World board game - Orc!
miniatures came in the dark world

The Dark World Miniature Weapons

The hero players of Dark World come with a total of 8 weapons, 4 standard grey weapons, and 4 gold weapons. The standard weapons are as follows: Rapier, Cutlass, Axe, Mace

And the 4 golden weapons are : Battle Axe, Broad Sword, Warhammer, Morning Star.

Miniature Accessories + Equipment

The magic items, or equipment could be inserted into the miniature bases. There were a total of 18 magic items. These magic items ranged from grenades to winged boots (speed boots) to keys.

These are the following accessories:-

  • 2 Grenades
  • 4 Speed Boots
  • 12 Healing Potions


List summary of miniatures that came in Dark World board game

4 heroes:-
Barbarian, Knight, Ranger, Dwarf

21 monsters:

  • Korak
  • Manticore
  • Haunter
  • 2 Mummies
  • 4 Ogres
  • 4 Skeletons
  • 8 Orcs

Weapons :-

  • Rapier
  • Cutlass
  • Axe
  • Mace

Golden Weapons :-

  • Warhammer
  • Broad Sword
  • Battle Axe
  • Morning Star

Magic Items :-

  • 2 Grenades
  • 4 Speed Boots
  • 12 Healing Potions
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A final summary answer of what miniatures came in the original Dark World box – Created by Waddingtons in 1992

Dark World came with 25 unpainted miniatures. Of these miniatures, 4 were hero’s and the others 21 models were monsters.

In addition to the miniatures, the original Dark World board game came with 8 weapons. 4 standard melee weapons they were cast in grey plastic and 4 golden weapons. ( for the heroes)

Of the magic items, a complete game of Dark World came with 18 magic items – or accessories. These items could be pushed into the slotta bases of the miniatures. The magic items consisted of; grenades, speed boots, and healing potions.

For a comprehensive list of what magic items came with the game see the list for further details. (above)

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Some of the classic board games that came out in the early 1990s came with a range of bits and pieces including Dark World.

As the decades have rolled on, many of these parts have become lost or broken. Avid board game collectors that love some of the retro classics are looking for ways to resurrect their beloved board games.

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