This post covers in detail what is the original Heroquest box art value. You may be interested to know the value of the original HeroQuest game box because for the following reasons:-

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Below are answers to help you in finding the cost and value of the original HeroQuest box worth for collectors and those looking to commission an artist.

what is the original heroquest box art value – in short

To answer what is the value of the original heroquest box art, the answer will need to be split into 2.

The original heroquest box art value, (the outer box) if you are looking to complete the game, can vary drastically in price. To buy the original HeroQuest box this has been seen on eBay from £19.99 to £60.00 approximately

A complete original Heroquest holds the most value – include the box and its artwork.

A complete and professionally painted HeroQuest can be worth £1,999 to buy or sell on eBay. Including the original box artwork is in mint condition.

The value of a commission for the original HeroQuest box by Les Edwards can vary but as a ballpark. Les Edwards is selling artwork on his website for around £2000.

Some cover artists can charge upwards of £5000 for board games or cover artwork.

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Original heroquest box art value in “£” if you wish to sell

As mentioned above, the box/artwork for Heroquest can be purchased on eBay from £30 – £70 depending on the condition of the box.

As with anything collectible, the condition of the item will affect the value when it comes to selling it. And this especially true for the covers and board game boxes.

Boardgame boxes are prone to damage and wear and tear over the years of use and being moved around in storage.

If your Heroquest artwork/box is like new it will retain a higher value.

What is the original heroquest box art value to buy ( buying the painting created by Les Edwards)

To buy the original box art from HeroQuest may be very difficult. This is down to some of the following reasons:

  • The original artwork for the board game will either be in safe storage and not available to purchase.
  • Games workshop or MB games own the original artwork along with the rights and license
  • The original HeroQuest game box artwork is with a private collector. (they bought the artwork)

Based on the above criteria, the rarity of the original artwork and the popularity of the original HeroQuest Board game. Not forgetting the artist’s renown, the original board game art is likely to command a very high price to buy.

Even more, value is added to the artwork as the original game is no longer in print.

original heroquest box art value to commission

What would it cost to commission artwork like the original HeroQuest box art?

To commission a piece of box art to the standard of the original HeroQuest game, it is likely to cost in excess of £2000 by an experienced illustrator or cover artist.

Other factors that will influence the cost of commissioning a piece of box art like the one displayed on the Heroquest box is; how much the experience the artist has, the genre, offer an exclusive license for a game.

And, how much time it will take to create.

The cost of a piece of box artwork like the Heroquest cover will also vary from artist to artist if you intend on commissioning the artwork.

Licensing a piece of box artwork

Instead of commissioning an artist to create a ‘one of a kind’ piece of artwork, you may wish to license a piece of artwork.

Based on what is stipulated in the contract, this would grant you a license to use a piece of artwork to create your game. It is also a very helpful way for you to manage your cash if you just want to order a piece of artwork.

To license a piece of artwork like Les Edwards Heroquest box cover, you may still be required to spend over £500 depending on what capacity you intend to sell your game and whether you want exclusivity in the box artwork.

Exclusive rights for a piece of box art (Like HeroQuest)

There is no getting around that, if you want have exclusivity to a piece of licensed artwork this will likely increase the cost of using that piece of artwork.

A cover artist that knows what they are doing won’t just give you a piece of artwork for you and you only.

If they sell an exclusive piece of artwork for you to use on the cover – they essentially can’t use that artwork anywhere else for a stipulated amount of time.

If you buy “exclusive’ artwork you are also buying the artist out of other future opportunities and chances to license the artwork to other people and businesses.

Their prices will reflect this. Exclusive pricing for a piece of box art may sit in the £1000’s at the discretion of the artist and owners.

how much to buy a print of the original HeroQuest by Les Edwards?

Buying a print of the original Heroquest game by Les Edwards will be extremely challenging at this time. As based on the information on Les Edwards website.

The original artwork isn’t available.

To find more information you can contact the artist directly to find out where he sold it or to whom or whether he may be interested in selling prints of the original artwork.

Original HeroQuest Box Cover Artist – Les Edwards.

original heroquest box art value

What is the original heroquest box art value by Les Edwards – Conclusive answer (Hero Quest)

The value of the original HeroQuest by Les Edwards will be high. The original artwork has been sold and looks to be in private ownership.

Due to the scarcity and desirable nature of the artwork, there is a fair chance. If this was to turn up at auction it could fetch £1000’s if not £10,000’s for the original oil on hardboard.

The box art value of HeroQuest is high. And, if you ever hope to own this beautiful piece of artwork, you should keep a watchful eye on auction houses for a chance to get it.

Good lucking in finding this original piece of HeroQuest treasure.

Value of prints of Hero Quest by Les Edwards

The prints of the HeroQuest box art will demand a higher price than you may expect.

Other pieces of artwork by Les Edwards of a similar genre are selling on eBay for around £70 +

Rough price breakdown of HeroQuest Cover Artwork

  • The physical HeroQuest box top and bottom £60 – £90 depending on the condition.
  • Original HeroQuest Box cover artwork – true cost unknown. May have originally sold for £2000 as it is a one of a kind, it will sell at a higher price at auction.
  • HeroQuest cover artwork prints. The official prints of the cover as created by Les Edwards will command prices of £70 based on similar artwork and what has been seen on eBay.
Other Les Edwards Artwork

Les Edwards is the fantasy artist and painter that created the iconic cover work for the original 1988 HeroQuest board game.

You can find other pieces of art by Les Edwards by either going onto his website or going onto eBay and searching for “Les Edwards” artwork.

A desirable listing that keeps showing up is the “Blood and Iron” book by Games Workshop. I would advise searching for this also or you can view this listing here, on Ebay .

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