If you are looking for a list of HeroQuest (hero quest, Hero Quest) parts and where to get them this post may help you in your ‘finding spare parts’ journey!

This post covers the details of what is included in the classic HeroQuest box and where you can potentially buy spare parts for your incomplete game, which is clearly in need of some TLC if you are searching for this.

Where to buy spare Hero Quest parts | UK
Where to buy spare Hero Quest parts | UK

If you have purchased HeroQuest and you are considering selling it (blasphemy!) this post and checklist will help you to cross off the itinerary and make sure you have everything together and make the most of your sale.

Or, you may have purchased the board game online or from a friend with the words “wear and tear” mentioned in the item’s condition when in fact the game is in fact incomplete.

Hopefully, if this is you, this post will help you with what you are missing. OR maybe you have found the game in the loft and you want to get everything together so you can play it.

Either way, do not fear.

If you want to sell the game, even an incomplete Heroquest has monetary value. Failing that, read on and everything will hopefully become clearer!

Even If your game is too far gone, the individual models will still hold value, depending on which ones you own.

Getting spare Heroquest parts in the UK

The most straight forward option of where to buy spare heroquest parts in the UK is probably one you already know of… and that is trawling the board game and miniature/figure listings on eBay.

eBay is jam-packed with miniatures and board game parts but finding specific pieces can be tricky as there are literary 1000’s of listings to navigate and these listings often come and go.

You need to be on the ball to find what you want from eBay as you will often find when you are looking for what you want that the item has already sold.

Another option is looking on the Board Game Geek market and seeing if anybody has any miniatures there. If you follow this link it will take you to the Board Game Geek website where you can potentially find what you are looking for on there.

Where to buy spare Hero Quest parts | UK
This Goblin needs a spare head!

To answer the question of ‘Where to buy spare Hero Quest parts | UK’ I would advise looking on eBay first and following some dedicated miniatures resellers. You may be lucky and find some casual one time sellers but more often than not they will only have the one item to sell.

And once they are gone… they are gone.

Now you have some suggestions of where to find spare parts for your Hero Quest game, but do you know ‘what’ you need in order to say that you have a complete HQ board game?

Below (“Hero quest Board Game Parts”) is a Hero Quest parts checklist. You can treat this checklist as a shopping list if you like – pen and paper at the ready. Not need to get a telling off from your partner that way when you get home!

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Heroquest Parts | On this website

At this time this is not a comprehensive range of products listed on this website but as time goes along more items will be added in due course.

HeroQuest Chaos Warrior (Product Listing)

HeroQuest Full Board Game (product Listing)

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HeroQuest Board Game Part List (UK)

Have everything you need to sell a complete HeroQuest game to a hungry collector (jealous) or complete your own private collection.

This item list will help you to check to see if you have everything you need.

Core Game Components

  • 1 Cardboard game box with a top and bottom
  • 1 Plastic Inner tray ( you can buy replacement ‘inners’ too in sponge)
  • 1 Fold-out game board
  • 1 Instruction booklet
  • 1 Quest Book
  • 1 Card ‘Evil Sorcerer’ shield/screen
  • 4 Hero character cards
  • 1 Black and white pad of ‘write on’ character sheets
  • 4 White combat dice
  • 2 Red dice

HeroQuest Miniatures (Hero’s and Monsters)

  • 1 Barbarian
  • 1 Wizard
  • 1 Dwarf
  • 1 Elf
  • 1 Gargoyle
  • 1 Chaos Warlock
  • 4 Chaos Warriors
  • 4 Skeletons
  • 3 Fimir
  • 2 Mummies
  • 2 Zombies
  • 8 Orcs with a variety of weapons
  • 6 Goblin with a variety of weapons

Furniture / Environment items

  • 5 Closed doors with bases
  • 16 Doors with bases
  • 3 Treasure chests
  • 2 Bookcases
  • 2 Tables
  • 1 Throne
  • 1 Alchemist bench
  • 1 Tomb
  • 1 Sorcerer’s table
  • 1 Torture rack
  • 1 Fireplace
  • 1 Weapons rack
  • 1 Cupboard

Accessories :

  • 2 Candlesticks
  • 1 set of bottles
  • 1 set of scales
  • 10 Skulls
  • 4 Rats

Game Board Tiles List :

  • 1 Stairs tile (Entry + exit)
  • 2 Double blocked squares tiles
  • 3 Pit trap / Secret doors
  • 4 Secret door tiles
  • 6 pit trap tiles
  • 8 blocked square tiles
  • 12 blocked squares tiles

List of HeroQuest Game Cards

  • 1 ‘Empty’ card
  • 2 Gem Card = 50 Gold
  • 1 Gold = 10
  • 2 Gold = 20
  • 2 Gold = 25
  • 1 D6 * 10 Gold
  • 1 100 = Gold
  • 2 Hazard arrow cards
  • 1 Hazard arrow cards
  • 1 Heroic brew card
  • 1 Holy water card
  • 2 Jewel cards
  • 1 Potion of defence
  • 2 Potion of healing cards
  • 1 Potion of speed
  • 1 Potion of strength
  • 5 Wandering monster cards
  • 1 Borin’s armour card
  • 1 Orcs bane
  • 1 Spirit blade card
  • 1 Talisman of lore
  • 1 Wand of magic

HeroQuest Monster Cards

  • 1 Chaos Warrior card
  • 1 Gargoyle card
  • 1 Fimir card
  • 1 Zombie card
  • 1 Skeleton card
  • 1 Mummy card
  • 1 Orc card
  • 1 Goblin card


  • 3 Fire spell cards
  • 3 Air spell cards
  • 3 Earth spell cards
  • 3 Water spell cards

Weapons / Armour

  • 1 Battle Axe card
  • 1 Chain Mail card
  • 1 Crossbow card
  • 1 Double-edged sword card
  • 2 Helmet cards
  • 1 Plate Mail card
  • 2 Shield cards
  • 1 Short Sword card
  • 1 Spear card
  • 1 Staff card
  • 1 Tools card

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What is inside a Heroquest box

The list above covers everything that is alleged to be inside the UK version of the classic Heroquest board game, from the character sheets to the miniatures to an extensive break down of individual cards and their categories.

This list is great if you are trying to see the monetary worth of your HeroQuest buy all the missing parts for your game.

In addition to buying some of the missing game parts, there is a whole community trying to recreate the game and others who are creating their very own imaginative HeroQuest characters both in miniature form and as paper models.

Where to buy spare Hero Quest parts | UK

You can read more about creating your own Hero Quest miniatures in the post that takes you to another page on this website. This page also offers a free rough template/guide that you can use for free.

Heroquest was, and still is, a brilliant game.

It was this game that perhaps, inspired my first ever encounter with a tabletop gaming with miniatures in it. I think it was a mixture of the adventure, the perils the characters, the cool artwork, and the fact that it came with loads of little monsters! As a young 7 year old that looked at my brother’s new game with envious and intrigued eyes… who could ever blame me for wanting to share the magic and adventure that this game instilled.

… I can remember to my older brother’s distress at painting the Gargoyle when he wasn’t looking.


Summary | Where to buy spare Hero Quest parts | UK – item list

Thank you for reading. This post was written with some suggestions in mind in order to help you to buy spare HeroQuest parts and a checklist to see if you have everything that comes with a complete Hero Quest board game.

If this has been helpful feel free to share.

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External Sources

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