A complete 1997 Gorkamorka board game can be worth up £250 and more if it comes with any added extras such as sealed metal miniatures, vehicles, and extra orc boys.

For an incomplete version of the board game, it can be worth anything from £139 – to £220 approximately.

complete or incomplete 1997 Gorkamorka worth

What is a complete or incomplete 1997 Gorkamorka worth in £?

If you own this game and you are looking to part ways with it, you can sell it either on eBay, Amazon, or a board game community such as Board Game Geek.

If you have and only have a few components of an incomplete game, this will still hold monetary value! So do not threat!

In the list below, it itemises some individual parts and prices for your own reference.

In light of the looking at the value of classic old GW board games such a the value of an old HeroQuest or Space Crusade, this post will look at a breakdown value of the core Gorkamorka board game.

complete or incomplete 1997 Gorkamorka worth

Value of an incomplete Gorkamorka – eBay

eBay is a haven for buying old and spare bits for board games and if you are looking to sell your semi-painted, damaged, or broken Gorkamorka, there would be one of your best bets for a sale.

A semi-painted and ‘good condition’ game can fetch almost as much as a complete game on eBay. The prices in GDP ( £ ) sit around £99.00 to £200.

*The more you have of the game that is complete and untouched, the more it will increase it’s value to a collector.

Here is short list of factors that will either increase or decrease the value of your Gorkamorka board game.

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What will influence the value of your Gorkamorka?

Some factors that will influence the value of your Gorkamorka are more obvious than others, such as whether it is a complete game with all of the pieces or whether the game is damaged!

less obvious issues that will affect the value:

  • ‘Unpunched”. In other words, whether all of the game tokens and environment are still inside the original sheet of card that it was printed on and not ‘punched’ out. This will increase the value if unpunched.
  • On sprues, If all of the miniatures and vehicles are still left intact and on their original sprues.
  • This will increase the value if they are still on sprues.
  • Unpainted / partially assembled. Whether the models are painted or unpainted will influence the value. This will most likely decrease value.
  • If the rule book “Da RoolZ!” is still with the game. More of a complete game so this will increase the value.
  • Still in shrinkwrap! A less obvious one, but whether the game is still in its shrink wrap will increase the value.

The closer your game is to being factory new – as in all is as it would be if you had just purchased it 1997 – off the shelf, the better!

A complete core game that is perfect good condition will allow you to ask for a higher price!

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Individual Gorkamorka Items values

Even if your Gorkamorka is in a pretty sorry state of affairs. The miniatures, the cardboard environment, the tokens, the books, vehicles etc. Will still be of value to somebody. They may be looking to complete the game or expand an Ork army for W40K.

So don’t throw your knackered box just yet!

Gorkamorka items list

Individual Gorkamorka item list – £ values.

  • Gorkamorka plastic Space Orks (orc boys) = £3.00 + the metal ones are worth more but they don’t come with the game by default.
  • Gorkamorka Ork Trukk = £9.99 approximately
  • War Trak = £5.00 approximately
  • Da Rools = £3 – £30 on eBay – £33 on Amazon
  • Gorkamorka playheets, da uvva book, pad = £35 approximately.

One of the most common items to be found is the individual rule book.

If you have any of the items listed above, don’t throw them away!

List them somewhere like on eBay or Amazon or even BGK to see if you have any takers for your miniatures. Somebody will.

I have also mentioned in other posts that individual elements of games can retain value., Such as an incomplete Heroquest and a partially complete Space Crusade board game.

If you like collecting old Games Workshop board games, those links could be of interest to you.

And there it is, a break down of complete or incomplete 1997 Gorkamorka worth pounds ( £ ) in a nutshell.


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What is a complete a Gorkamorka worth | Summary

A complete Gorkamorka is worth between £200 – £260 pounds sterling and potentially higher still if the game is in mint condition. These prices are based on listings seen on eBay with games being perfectly intact, the tokens being ‘unpunched’ and the miniatures are unpainted and are still on their sprues.

If you have a Gorkamorka ( printed 1997) game in this perfect or near-perfect condition, you are looking to potentially make a sale for around £200 approximately just for the core game.

Classic Gorkamorka value

Thank you for reading. Hopefully, this will have answered your question as to what is the 1997 Gorkamorka worth or what is a complete or incomplete 1997 Gorkamorka worth in £.

As with anything, it does depend on the condition of the game and as I mentioned earlier, not all is lost even if the game is damaged!

Gorkamorka is a classic game created by GW and I am happy to say that I still have some of the parts for the game.

It was discovering it whilst clearing out that inspired the post.

Such cool artwork!

If this was helpful feel free to share. Below are some links to other pages and classic board games. There are also tips if you are selling other classic board games too.

You can read more on Gorkamorka here on wikipedia

What is a complete or incomplete 1997 Gorkamorka worth in £ | Dragon Bone Games | WAARRGGH!

complete or incomplete 1997 Gorkamorka worth