This post offers a detailed list of what the box contents are inside the classic Space Crusade board game. To see what the Space Crusade box contents list is, read on.

The original Space Crusade was created in the late 1980s and published in 1990 by Milton Bradley and Game Workshop. Space Crusade is an awesome game filled with plenty of detailed items.

Space Crusade was the futuristic twin to the classic HeroQuest adventure board game. And, arguably the scaled-down taster and predecessor of what would become Warhammer 40K. Games Workshop’s flagship board game.

If you own Space Crusade or parts of – you may wish to know what are the contents inside the Space Crusade board game. This could be either for you to sell the game or ‘complete’ the game to play!

space crusade contents list uk - cover work box

If you have a complete or incomplete Space Crusade board game; you can read more about its complete value here:- what is a complete or incomplete Space Crusade worth in GDP.

Below is a contents list of what came in the original Space Crusade Board game, plus a breakdown list and a quickfire answer. ( For those who don’t wish to read a list format )

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What are the contents inside the Space Crusade board game? The Quick Answer!

The contents inside the original Space Crusade are as follows:- 1 game box top and bottom. A rule book / 1 mission book plus Space Marine health counters, the alien players’ data, and information. Game cards and decks. A 4-part interchangeable game board with walls and futuristic doors. And, all the Alien and Space marine miniatures. Plus all of the miniature ‘slotta’ bases.

That is a quick overview of what you would get inside a Space Crusade boxed game. A free to use checklist is offered at the bottom of this article for your own use.

Now for the detailed lists.

Space Crusade - what came in the box

Space Crusade contents list UK : a simple list of all items and contents

Space Crusade was a game that was packed full of intricate components, aka – bits and bobs! The simplest and best way to tell you what came in the original Space Crusade boxed game is in a detailed list format.

Read below to see what the contents are inside the space crusade board game.

Space Crusade complete box contents ( UK edition ) :-

Space Crusade board game components | The box and non-play parts

  • The illustrated and detailed box cover lid ( Full colour covers, illustrated by Jim Burns and David Sque)
  • A box bottom to contain all the parts ( Full Colour )
  • 1 black plastic blister to keep the miniature and game components in tidy order

Space Crusade Board Game contents | Cardboard walls + Doors

  • 4 full colour game boards ( as illustrated space ship )
  • 4 Game walls / partitions
  • 24 illustrated doors with bases
  • A set of 5 plastic wall clips and fasteners
  • 3 Plastic Dock / Airlock clips
  • Airlock doors ( 3 ) to attach to airdock clips
  • 3 Space Marine docking boards

How many miniatures come in a complete box of Space Crusade?

The original Space Crusade board game came with 50 plastic miniatures that were designed by Games Workshop with MB games. The miniatures also came with round plastic ‘slotta’ bases.

This content list of miniatures breaks down what miniatures came with the Space Crusade board game.

What miniatures came inside the box of the Original Space Crusade

The Space Crusade miniatures list are as follows:-

  • 3 Space Marine Commanders with interchangeable weapons
  • 12 Space Marines for 3 units. Each Space Marine unit consisted or a Space marine equipped with a – bolter, Assault / heavy cannon, Missile launcher, and plasma cannon. Red, Blue, Yellow.
  • 14 Gretchins
  • 8 Space Orks
  • 1 Chaos Space Marine commander
  • 4 Chaos Space Marines:- ( Bolters, 1 missile launcher, an interchangeable weapon for the Chaos Space Marine commander.
  • 3 Genestealers
  • 4 Androids
  • 1 Dreadnought ( with interchangeable weapons )

* The list miniatures above if for the classic edition of Space Crusade and it’s boxed contents.

Booklets, cards, tokens, and counters | List of contents for Space Crusade printed materials

This is a sub list of cards, tokens, and miscellaneous gaming pieces that came with the Space Crusade board game.

Space Crusade board game tokens cards and counters ( List ) :-

  • 64 full colour playing cards ( 3 sets of 12 chapter cards + 28 alien event cards )
  • 1 primary mission token
  • 1 secondary mission token
  • 6 Honour badges
  • 12 rank badges
  • 4 Marks of Chaos
  • 32 Double-sided BlipTokens
  • 32 Reinforcement counters
  • 1 Alien control panel – (displays alien miniature stats and data)
  • 3 commander scanners with adjustable sliders. Made of both plastic and cardboard. ( Space Marine Players )
  • 3 Space Marine reference charts | displaying weapon stats and information

List of printed items for Space Crusade (and Misc)

  • 1 24 Page Mission Manual, with 12 missions
  • 1 RuleBook
  • 6 Special combat dice

What dice came in the original boxed space crusade board game?

The original Space Crusade game came with 6, 6 sided special combat dice. Of the 6 special combat dice, 4 were white and 2 were red.

Listed details of special combat dice for Space Crusade:-

  • 4 white combat dice
  • 2 red combat dice

Space Crusade List of items and contents – Summary

The original Space Crusade was a detailed game that came with a wide range of components. These game components consisted of over 50 plastic miniatures, 64 Playing cards, 32 blip tokens, 6 game dice and 2 game manuals.

For a more comprehensive look, consult the list of Space Crusade contents above for more details. The list above breaks down all the items that came with the original game.

Hopefully, this has answered the question around what came in Space Crusade and what the content is inside the space crusade board game.

Free checklist of Space Crusade components

If you would like to download a Space Crusade box contents list UK ( UK edition ) then this graphic may be useful to you. You can either print it off of save it to your computer or smartphone.

Contents Checklist For Space Crusade Parts
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