What are the stats for Nurglings 40k? The statistics and rules in Warhammer 40k Nurglings are as follows. Nurglings or Nurgling Swarms come in groups of 3 using diseased teeth and claws to destroy their enemies. They can move “5 inches”, have “4” wounds, and attack with “4” D6.

What are the stats for Nurglings in Warhammer 40k 8th edition | Datacard

Nurglings Data & Stats – Detail

The stats for Nurglings Warhammer 40k 8th edition are as follows :-

  • M = 5”
  • WS = 4+
  • BS = 4+
  • S = 2
  • T = 2
  • W = 4
  • Ld = 7
  • Sv = 6
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Nurglings Special Rules & Abilities (8th edition)

Perks: disgustingly resilient, demonic, demonic ritual, mischief makers, diseased teeth and claws.

Mischief Makers

With the ‘Mischief Makers’ rule for Nurglings, you can either set them in their own deployment zone or within 9′ of the enemy player’s deployment zone.


A unit of Nurglings or Nurgling Swarm contains up to 3 swarms ( 3 bases ). It can include up to 3 additional Nurgling swarms.

Disgustingly Resilient

Blessed be Nurgle! Nurgling’s are disgustingly resilient ( or Disgustingly Resilient) , a perk that makes them tougher to kill. ‘Disgustingly Resilient’ enables an extra saving throw of a 5 + on a D6 if their standard save roll fail.

For example, If your Nurgling’s have sustained multiple wounds, say ‘2’ and have failed 2 regular saving throws, they would get 2 extra saving throw rolls with Disgustingly Resilient rule.

In other words, as a standard, they get an extra saving throw of a 5 plus. And they would have to roll has many saves as relevant to wounds inflicted. (*read squishable rule that contradicts this rule).

Disgustingly Resilient comes as a standard for the unit.

What are the other stats for Nurglings 40k?

Demonic Ritual

These daemons can be ‘summoned’ into the game – they are aligned with ‘Nurgle’.

Nurglings Date and rules

Nurglings Stats | War gear + Weapons

What are the special rules and weapons for Nurgling’s in Warhammer 40K

Diseased teeth and claws

With their fetid claws and pox ridden teeth, any ‘wound’ rolls of ‘1’ when attacking can be re-rolled.

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Nurglings 40k datasheet

* Squishable

  • Only benefit from Disgustingly Resilient against attacks with a Damage characteristic of 1.
Nurglings 8th edition Datasheet and stats
Nurglings 8th edition datasheet and stats

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