This post is dedicated to the Unboxing of Games Workshop Nurglings. Yep, after all these years these little critters are still gnawing their way into your gameplay – and I am glad to see it.

I have and always have had a fondness for the Nurgling’s, somehow they bridge the gap between revolting and cute, and if there was ever a design feat, it would have to be combining these do opposing characteristics.

Nurglings make for a great tone-changer for your battle narrative, mixing both dark and gloomy with playful and mischievous. Nurglings, make a great addition to your army, whether you collect 40k Death Guard or Chaos Demons for Age of Sigmar, these little retched mites are a must for any disciple of Nurgle himself.

This post is an up-close and personal look 2017 Nurgling’s covering the unboxing and what you get inside the box.

What are “Nurgling’s”?

Nurglings are small living blobs of corruption that thrive on festering sores of pappa Nurgle. They grow within the great lord’s fetid intestines before rupturing forth and spreading the vileness to the living. Gnawing and snapping, they envelop their foes with sheer weight of numbers before destroying their enemies.

Nurgling’s are miniature embodiments of Great Unclean ones, they are also known as Mites of Nurgle or Little Lords from the Death Guard.

You can read more about the game by looking at First Strike or by visiting the GW website.

What is in a box of Games Workshop Nurglings ( 2017 release)

If you are pondering what is inside a box of Games Workshop Nurgling’s then look no further, this post has pulled all the bits and pieces out for you to see. You may want to know how the Nurgling’s go together, or how the unit is constructed or how many you get in a box?

You can see in the images below…

Unboxing of Games Workshop Nurglings
Nurglings Box
Unboxing of Games Workshop Nurglings
Angle view of Nurglings box on a brown background 2017

The box itself looks like the rest of stylish GW box designs, the painted model is positioned on the front, isolated on light background with a black bottom that follows all around the design.

Details of the paints you can use are written on the back of the box.

Rear view of Nurglings box

Inside the box

These Nurgling’s are still attached to the sprue, you get enough Nurgling’s to create 3 playable models.

If you wanted to leave some Nurgling’s off… you could keep a few back to decorate a base of a champion or…

Nurglings on a Sprue | box contents
Close up of Nurglings on a box
Close up
Nurgling bunch new straight out of packaging - Unboxing of Games Workshop Nurglings

If you are too tight and want the best of both (all the Nurglings, plus the extras), you can thumb a blob of plasticine into a crude representation of a Nurgling and stick 2 matchsticks into it to act as horns! – I’m tempted myself, actually.

Nothing screams a fearsome army more than a ball of plasticine with 2 match sticks stuck into it or that you are a complete peasant. Yes – brace yourself for mockery.

As a side note: before building up your stacks of Nurgling’s, it may be worth painting some of them first.

Why buy the Mites of Nurgle?

If you are either a collector of Nurgle demons or Death Guard, these little mites of disgust and decay may make a nice addition to your army, whether it is a reconnaissance squad or just to add a bit dynamics to the gameplay.

But, you don’t have to be an absolute gamer to buy Nurgling’s.

The individual models make great additions for decorating bases, conversions and adding interest to scenery, arguably a much better replacement for the plasticine blob Nurgling with match-stick horns.

The Nurgling’s are also modestly priced on some e-tailers. You can buy a box of Nurgling models on Wayland games. This link will take you to the page where you can buy them.

It should also be noted that if you do buy Nurgling’s from Wayland Games, I may get a small commission at no additional cost to you.

Where to get the 2017 Nurglings for cheaper

It must be said here and now that I originally purchased these models from Amazon in the UK and they turned up after a week and all was fine.

They look as shown, but! I have since spotted the Nurglings at a much better value on a reputable gamers reseller called Wayland games which I mentioned in the previous paragraph.

You can buy the Nurglings through them and they offer discounts and points if you sign up and purchase. I have seen the company on various occasions across gaming expos in the UK, by purchasing from them you will be.

A) Getting the Nurglings for cheaper – and you will save money.
B) You are supporting smaller businesses.

Or if you would like to look for Nurglings you can buy them from eBay and see if you can snatch a bargain there from a reputable seller.

This eBay seller isn’t bad value actually :

Buy Nurglings on eBay –

Buy from Wayland Games

Unboxing of Games Workshop (new) Nurglings | Summary

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Nurgle Quote :

I'm free - Nurgling! Unboxing of Games Workshop Nurglings
I’m free!

“In the embrace of the great Nurgle, I am no longer afraid, for with His pestilential favour I have become that which I once most feared: Death.”

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Disclaimer | It should be noted that links to external websites may change. This can vary from listings being removed or ending. Take care when browsing the internet and if this post is true now for the best deals for Nurglings, it may not be the case tomorrow.

Go forth my fetid one, and harvest your mites of Nurgle. – Unboxing of Games Workshop Nurglings