Throw Throw Burrito

Throw Throw Burrito, What’s in the box!

Game Features :

– 2 – Squishy and throwable toys (awwwe so cute)

– burrito tokens

– Burrito game cards

– Battle Cards

– Instructions

– One cool looking windowed game box!

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Want to Buy Throw Throw Burrito?

Then this could be the game for you and your family!… why Buy Throw Throw Burrito?

Throw Throw Burrito can be played with various types of people – mostly family and friends that don’t mind having squishy projectiles thrown in their general direction, or those of a raucous disposition!

Throw Throw Burrito

What is Throw Throw Burrito

Mix dodge ball and cards… That is Throw Throw Burrito. Now imagine playing it with a relative or a friend. Imagine their expressions as you have full permission to cob a small squishy toy at them and not have to apologise for it! I know, it is not often you get permission to throw a soft toy at somebody and everybody enjoys it, but in this ridiculous game you are more than allowed – it’s the name of the game.

And yes, it has been played with friends and they all loved it.

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Why buy Throw Throw Burrito
– You get to throw soft squishy objects at your friends and family – enough said!
– It is also a card game
– It is fast-paced, fun a great for a wide range of audiences
– It is fairly easy to play.

The game can either be purchased on this website here (WAYLAND GAMES)

Or purchased through Amazon! ( Buy from Amazon Search )
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