This is a review of the original Throw Throw Burrito from the creators of Exploding Kittens.

And let me tell you now…

There are squishies,

There is shouting and laughter and most likely, diving behind cushions.

In a nutshell, Throw Throw Burrito is a cross between, dodgeball, snap, chase the ace and other ‘match’ the card games out there with an added element of getting to throw squishy toys at your friends and family.

throw throw burrito review
Throw Throw Burrito Review | original game

Throughout this post, you will learn:

  • Just how fun the game is and whether it is for you.
  • Who it would appeal to.
  • First-hand experience from gamers and non-gamers.
  • And other details which may help if you are considering buying this game such as tips, concerns and anything in-between.

What is the game Throw Throw Burrito?

Throw Throw Burrito is a cross between dodgeball and cards. Players need to score points by collecting points and not lose any lives ( or collect hit tokens). You lose lives by being hit by the burritos, the “burritos fights” break out when certain cards or played throughout the game.

That is a quick overview of what the game is about.

The game looks like insanity and descends into fun chaos quickly!

The box design

The design of the box is illustrated by the legendary Mathew Inman – AKA the oatmeal, As with their other game projects, it continues with the same illustrative style. Fun, wacky and stylish and cute at times.

The packaging for the box is excellent. Before opening the game, you can see the Burritos blankly staring out for their PET window, waiting to be hurled at an unsuspecting friend.

Who wouldn’t want to pick this game up from seeing these googly-eyed burritos staring at you – just look at them…


throw throw burrito product close up
Look into my eyes for I am a happy burrito!

Yep, they are ready to be bounced off heads, walls, chairs, books, lamps and an array of home furnishings!

*This should also be noted that actually before you play the game.

So strong is the urge to play the game, The burritos might be plucked from the box and accidentally launched at the nearest bystander prior to any reading of the rules – so be warned. Don’t stand near the person opening the box of Throw Throw Burrito. Boink!

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The lid is off, the game is on

Once you look inside the box you will be greeted with squishy objects that you can throw at each other plus the cards, the rules, life tokens, and the markers.

throw throw burrito review box contents

Here is a list of the following items :

  • 120 game cards all illustrated by The Oatmeal himself.
  • 7 tokens (lives/hits).
  • 2 foam burritos soft enough to throw at your friends and family.
  • Rules (yes there are rules!)

Check for the hologram on the box to ensure authenticity

Spread out box contents

Throw Throw Burrito Gameplay

The original Throw Throw Burrito (this game) is a 2 – 6 player game for the family and friends. I could just say that you throw the squishy Burrito at each and leave it at that – but there is a bit more involved in the game.

The aim of the game

The aim of the game believe it or not is not just to throw soft toys at each other – that just so happens to be a main feature of the game. The main aim of the game is to get as many points as possible with your cards and try not to lose any lives.

You lose lives by getting hit by the Burritos when fights break out.

So, get points and don’t lose them by being hit. The points are tallied up at the end of the rounds and the more times you are hit with Burrito – the more deductions you will get at the end of the round.

Is it easy to play the game?

I would say the game of Throw Throw Burrito is fairly easy to pick up and play. It took us around 10 minutes of figuring it out (if that) and we were playing full pelt within a couple of rounds.

So – yes we would regard it as fairly easy to play. Even if you are not a hardcore / party gamer it was quite easy to pick up and learn, and if you are still stuck… You can always watch a Youtube video.

Like this one here :

Types of Burrito Fights

Arguably the best part of the game is the Burrito fights, but this is just opinion.

There are 3 main types of battle that can happen when you start to throw burritos about the place.

Burrito Brawl: The players to your right and left hastily grab for a burrito and with lightning reflexes, throw a burrito at each other! The first person to get hit by a burrito loses a point, which is represented by a game token placed in front of them.

Burrito War: all players except the one that placed the hand snatch a burrito attempt to and throw them at each other. This is where total mayhem ensues, diving, leaping about going into slow motion etc etc.

Burrito Duel: Imagine a Jane Austin era duel only being armed with spongey burritos instead of flintlock pistols! Good heavens! 2 players grab a burrito and stand back to back and take a certain number of steps away from each other (facing away) once they count to zero – Burritos are thrown.

The quickest burrito draw that hits their target wins!

And that is the general gist of the fights, telling you how fun it was is one thing. Playing it is another!

throw throw burrito review

How fun is this game? Funness…

As a review, I would say the fun level of this game is pretty high, to be honest. How often do you have an excuse to throw things at friends and jump behind chairs and use cushions as shields – or other friends as human shields to deflect burritosiles!? Not often.

This game is cracking fun.

Who would Throw Throw Burrito appeal to?

Throw Throw Burrito is a boisterous, silly and generally energetic game. If you enjoy throwing squishy items at friends and family and you don’t mind being hit with soft objects then you will love this game!

Well, more than likely. The next stage up from this is out and out dodgeball or paintball.

It can be said with some certainly who the game wouldn’t appeal to. And that is anyone that is too house proud, doesn’t like having soft toys thrown at them or those with false teeth. I could picture some false teeth flying across the room by accident. TAKE THAT GRANDAD! BOOOFFF.

Once the burritos go flying, they can end up anywhere in the room. Best to put the silver away and the Faberge eggs.

What else about Throw Throw Burrito|tips

It should be noted that this game is not a sedate and quiet game that can be played in peace and quiet – so don’t play it in a library, a graveyard or in an operating theatre.

Things could get a little crazy!

Here are the actual tips for playing or not playing this game.

This game was played in a small flat, it would have been better if we could get further than 7 feet from each so it may not be ideal in very small and cramp conditions.

If you have valuables whether these are ornaments, electrical, liquids – make sure these are out of the way of the game as it is very easy to send a stray burrito into something and causing breakage.

Don’t be rough – there is no need to cause bruising with the Burrito. The game is for everybody to enjoy. Try not to reduce your friends to tears ( you bully ).

Don’t hoard the cards – as a small tip for gameplay. It’s best not to ‘hunt’ cards. You can spend a long time hunting cards when those that are less precious about their hands tend to get more points in the game.

I never won, and I never lost sadly and in the beginning, I was very precious about my cards and tried to hunt for the perfect hand.

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Throw Throw Burrito Review – final opinions

I have a lot of love for this game and a lot of respect for it from a designer’s standpoint. The game is simple, clever, pretty and accessible. You don’t need to spend hours learning the rules and I think some of the mastery in its design, is in the way that it is so simple to play. You can get the concept just by looking at it. Kudos to the makers.

The game is fun and I’m sure will be hit with family, friends, nieces… nephews…. sons and daughters, most people. The game is a complete blast and it will hopefully bring a lot of laughter.

I could also picture it doing well in student digs ( or flatshare ) and for office shenanigans too. If you are considering buying this game for family and friends it is a bit on the lively or silly side.

There is also plenty of reviews on amazon outlaying what people think of the game. It has broad appeal and is popular and it has earned a justified badge to be popular. I wanted to give it some spotlight on here as it was quite odd and quite fun.

Thank you for reading this up close and personal Throw Throw Burrito review.

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