This topic looks at where you can get Warhammer spares, bits, gubbins, and job lots or ‘Where can I get Warhammer parts?’

If you have landed on this page, the chances are. You already know what Warhammer is, or what Warhammer parts are. But you may be wondering where you can buy spare Warhammer bits or parts. In what corners of the internet are you likely to find both old and new bits or Warhammer to perhaps repair models or work on conversions?

Where can I get Warhammer parts Warhammer job lot

Where can I get Warhammer parts? Read on!

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Where to buy Warhammer bits

One of the easiest ways of buying Warhammer parts or bits is by checking eBay listings for individuals or e-shops selling bits, job lots, and parts. eBay sellers frequently add job lots and new listings.


Keep your eyes peeled! Sometimes in the clutter and piles of spare arms, there are complete and rare models that just need a bit of paint stripper and new lease of life.

That is the quick answer of where to buy Warhammer bits – eBay. You can check this search on eBay.

Warhammer job lot on eBay

Where can I get Warhammer bits

Find parts, bits and job lots on eBay

As mentioned already, eBay often has lots of parts to choose from. Some of the search terms and phrases best to type when you are looking for certain parts are as follows :-

  • “Warhammer bits”
  • “Space marine job lot”
  • “Warhammer job lot”
  • “Army name” bits and job lots

There are many other variations of what you can type into eBay to see what comes up. If you also have a play with the filters and pricing, this will also return more accurate or relevant results.

You can see some “Warhammer job lots” here on eBay to give you an idea.

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You can buy unique and specific Warhammer parts from dedicated websites

Yes, you can buy specific parts from a dedicated website that sells Warhammer parts and bits. To name a couple of these websites they are called “Bitstore” and “Bits&”. If you looking to buy a super-specific gun part, a shoulder pad, etc these can be the places to check when looking for very specific parts

Scout Wargaming and miniature conventions for specific parts

If you have not had any luck in finding what you need from eBay or from the bits web stores then perhaps you should consider attending a convention? There are various conventions for board games both international and local. Some stalls buy broken miniatures and refurbish them.

If you have a keen eye, You can also see where the paint has been stripped from metal miniatures to be resold. You might find some “second hand” sellers here to buy parts from.

A show or 2 to recommend is :

  • Salute
  • UK Games Expo

These are large international shows.

Make sure that you don’t accidentally buy a recast miniature!

Facebook groups and miniature communities are good places to look for Warhammer bits

Facebook and social media in general have a wealth of miniature and board game enthusiasts. Sign up to some local groups and start talking to people to see if you can buy anything. You can also buy W40K bits and bobs from the Facebook Marketplace.

Boardgame geek should also get an honourable mention too if you are looking to rub shoulders with fellow miniature collectors.

Exchange parts with Wargaming friends!

Oh that, talking to others in the flesh. Yes, why not ask your friends if they have any bits they are willing to sell or exchange but don’t be cheeky or annoying.

If you think they are considering selling their spare bits or Warhammer parts, why not ask if you can take a look first. You might even be able to do a swap!

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Where to buy Warhammer bits or job lots? The best way!

Opinion based on tried and tested experience. One of my favourite ways of searching for job lots of Warhammer for spare bits or parts is through eBay! eBay can be a treasure trove for Warhammer bits and parts ( and junk ), whether you are looking for parts. eBay has a lot of ex-collectors looking to clear out and sell. You can even buy some badly painted models and parts and attempt to strip the paint off.

If I was to recommend “where can I get Warhammer parts” or Where to buy Warhammer bits. One of the biggest areas and places to search first, would be on eBay.

This is an open search of Warhammer job lots

Have a look!

* Should you decide to purchase anything from eBay, a commission may be paid to this website. thank you for helping!

Find job lots!

Where can I find Warhammer job lots? eBay and conventions. Many sellers on eBay often sell job lots of Warhammer in piles for varying different rates and prices. Have a trawl through the pile and see what you can find.

The same can be said for other board games when are looking for spares. You might find where you can buy HeroQuest parts ( classic ) helpful.

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