This post delves into the deep dark corners of what are the best storage for miniatures! ( what ‘is’ the best miniature storage ).

So, what are the best storage for miniatures? ( or what is the best storage for miniatures ) This is a question to ask if you care about maintaining, transporting, or… preserving your beloved minis!

Nobody likes their miniatures to be broken or chipped when your turn up to a gaming night. Broken arms, legs, and plastic bases pouring onto the cloth in a sorry pile from a plastic shopping bag!

How embarrassing!

best storage for miniatures

And if you only paint and store miniatures as a collector, you still want to keep your miniatures safe for years to come.

This article offers – based on my humble opinion! Some of the best storage for your miniatures.

To the point… what are the best storage products for your miniatures? Below is a quick-fire answer to some of the best miniature storage solutions. As well as the best list of product storage ideas according to your budget.

What are the best storage for miniatures? ( opinion )

In the UK, some of the best storage solutions for your miniatures, are the storage solutions provided by Battle Foam.

Based on experience, it must be said that some of their products for storing miniatures have been great. I have a lot of good things to say about Battle Foam products.

With the Battle Foam storage, you can work with a range of sizes and types of products, change the compartment sizes, and use a lot of their stuff to transport miniatures too.

Battle Foam is not the only people doing what they do… but they are a recognised and reliable brand.

Alternatively, general hard plastic cases can also be a great way of storing your miniatures, but these don’t always come with cushioning of the flashy exteriors!

You may find this article helpful if you are needing wanting to know how to store your miniatures.

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List of products to store your miniatures | Best storage for miniatures

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Battle Foam | Various storage solutions

what are the best storage for miniatures?
Battle Foam – Pack C4

I first came across Battle Foam at Salute! Salute is an Expo dedicated to historical and fictional tabletop wargaming ( Other UK Board game Expos ). When I first came across Battle Foam, I had never felt so excited about miniature storage.

They make organising things fun.

Battle Foam comes with a range of premium solutions for storing your miniatures.

This is the C4 carry case. It comes with: a carry handle, a pocket for storing rulebooks, 1 shoulder strap, and a zip compartment for flat items – such as booklets or data cards.

The interior of the carry case can come equipped with pluck foam. Pluck foam, if you are curious, allows you to create your own custom miniature compartments. These compartments can be big or small. The pluck foam – the grey sponge – has been scored onto a grid system to allow you to craft your own custom space.

The carry case such as the one shown, allows you to transport your miniatures from A to B. If you want to make life even easier – it also comes with a detachable shoulder strap.

In my opinion, this is a good product – I like it. I would recommend getting one. Or, put one on your wish list!

You can buy this product here ( Element Games ) or browse other Battle foam products. Should you decide to buy this product a small commission may be paid to Dragon Bone Games. Thank you for your help!

Look at Battle Foam Storage.


Clear Plastic Tackle Boxes | Various Brands

These general-purpose boxes like this manufactured by Daley Rowney are good for storing miniatures. The boxes are among the best storage for miniatures if you need to be more budget conscious.

These boxes are also good for storing other miniature bits and pieces. eg; tools for making conversions, Warhammer bits, paints etc.

Although these boxes are not purpose-built for miniatures, they are still great for storing them. That includes both 28 mm and 32mm scale miniatures. Just remember to keep them secure!

A personal high-point for the clear tackle/art boxes is that you can see what you have stored inside. They are robust too.

I have written a post here on storage that you may find around and about.

best storage for miniatures - what is the best storage for miniatures?
Example of a clear tackle box! great for storing minis! … and bits

Or, if you would like to buy one of these boxes from eBay straight away then please feel free.

Thank you for your support.

Feldherr Storage Boxes | Feldherr

Aside from the fact that these printed boxes are a good product for what you pay. The Feldherr boxes are one of the best all-round products for what they cost.

It should also be noted that the box shown is only cardboard. They are not plastic, which many may regard as a bonus.

best storage for miniatures

Another great feature of the Feldherr boxes is the foam trays and inserts. The foam trays help to cushion and protect your miniatures!

You can buy Feldher products here: from Wayland Games or Element Games.

Should you decide to purchase any products from Wayland Games via the link above a commission may be paid to me. Thank you for supporting this blog and website.

Shelving display / on show

Technically, this could be categorized as ‘display’ more than storage in my opinion. But, for the sake of this article, I shall continue with this grey area for the best miniature storage ideas.


Is shelving storage? Well… yes.

For the sake of keeping your miniatures safe and protected and out of the way, it certainly is.

In order to keep your miniatures safe and out of harm’s way, why not place your miniature on some shelving if you have space?

A shelving unit can be a great way of displaying your miniatures and keeping them in one place.

You can find various shelving solutions online or in furniture stores. I have also seen some brilliant clear storage cabinets for miniatures with shelves that you can adjust.

Bonus Storage | Battle Foam ‘Travel’ Bag

This item is for the most dedicated of board game fans and miniature collectors out there. This product would allow you to transport your whole army and a game or two!

Although I have not seen or used one of these bags in person, I have met the company that makes this transportation and storage for miniatures.

This product needs an honourable mention for those that travel to events or board game shows.

best storage for miniatures  - premium

You can look at this product here : – Wayland Games

What is the best storage for miniatures (UK)? Pros and Cons

Some of the best storage for miniatures – in my opinion – is Battle Foam. Battle Foam is a great product for storing, carrying and keeping your miniatures safe.

best storage for miniatures - these are good!

Just some of the great features that you will find with Battle Foam products are the custom foam trays that are integrated into the storage bags.

They use a treated material called ‘pluck foam’. Pluck foam allows you to make your own custom holes and compartments for your miniatures.

These miniatures can either be Warhammer, Age of Sigmar, Burrows & Badgers, metal miniatures, resin miniatures, plastic miniatures even old Hero Quest miniatures. Battle Foam is a terrific product for miniatures.

But some of these products come at a premium. So why do I think these products are awesome for storing miniatures?

Storage Pros :-

  • They look cool
  • Their products come with custom foam storage
  • They do a good job of keeping miniatures safe
  • Their cases are both robust and flexible
  • Battle Foam is also good for transportation

Battle Foam Cons :-

  • More expensive
  • Can be prone to become dusty ( oh well )

Best ‘affordable’ storage options for your miniatures

One of the best storage solutions, which is both affordable and worth the money is the card containers and storage boxes created by Feldherrr.

Feldherr provides excellent box storage for your miniatures. The solutions they offer and the price point is good value in my opinion

I personally own some of the pizza box types without the foam insides. These were affordable and allowed me to put various bits and pieces in and store them under the bed.

The fact that are not just brown card boxes too is also a surprising advantage. As they have a pattern or a design on the outside the box helps you to identify the box in dark areas. It also helps you to identify the boxes from other brown boxes.

When considering the best affordable storage options for your miniatures, Feldherr card boxes with foam trays are a strong example of good and affordable storage.

You also have the option on some of the Feldherr storage products ‘not’ to have the foam inserts.

Or if you don’t want to use these boxes at all, you could always use pizza-style boxes. But then you lose the printed exterior! Your storage won’t look as cool.

This option is certainly more affordable.

best storage for miniatures

What is the best storage for miniatures in the UK? Versus Battle!

If all these storage containers were to duel it out, it may look something like this – from my perspective. May the best storage for miniatures begin!

Battle Foam Storage

Battle Foam is the premium storage combatant. It comes with a slick finish, and customizable foam inserts on some products ( pluck foam for example ). And, it will keep your miniatures safe. But you pay for the premium.

Battle Foam is the heavy-weight champion with a few belts to its name.

Feldherr Cardboard Storage

This is a lightweight, slick, and cost-effective solution. The Feldherr boxes are versatile, affordable, and ‘potentially’ better for the environment too. But not as robust as the Battle Foam solutions, nor as well suited for transportation.

Plastic Clear Tool Boxes | Clear storage for miniatures

Or art boxes. These are great if you are wanting to store both, paints and miniatures together. One of my favourite merits of these boxes is the fact that function can be mixed and matched and they can come in clear transparent plastic. This allows you to see what is inside!

Not strictly designed for miniatures, but they are a good all-round solution for storing your models.

A downside with this product is that your miniatures can rattle around unless you put some form of protection inside. Sponge or bubble wrap, for example, can help to reduce the rattle of your miniatures if you are using these boxes for transportation.

General opinion on best miniature storage

Battle Foam is one the best in my personal opinion for miniature storage. With Feldherr boxes being a close second. The art boxes are good too for general purposes but not suited to larger miniatures.

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What is the best way to store DnD miniatures? ( Dungeons & Dragons )

One of the possible best solutions for storing Dungeon & Dragons miniatures is by using Battle Foam. But it should be noted that Battle foam, is also a premium solution. Felfherr boxes with a foam insert may be a good idea too.

If you are strapped for cash. Using some old parcel boxes will work as a temporary measure. Just make sure to put bubble wrap inside.

Storage for the old HeroQuest Box

Did you know that you can buy ‘new age’ custom storage for the old age original HeroQuest box?

As the original inner plastic tray used to often get ruined or lost, finding a plastic replacement inner tray is difficult. So why bother?

Instead, use something else.

Did you know, that there are companies selling foam inserts that are potentially better than the original plastic tray?

If you are a fan of the original HeroQuest. You may also be interested in knowing what scale the original HeroQuest miniatures were or what contents came in the original HeroQuest boxed game.

What are the best storage for miniatures (UK) – Summary

The best miniature solution depends on your budget, house, and where and how you want to store your miniatures. The size of your miniatures is also a factor too. So is your taste in what you like!

If you want to put your miniatures into something safe and robust then Battle Foam is a good brand to choose but you will pay a premium.

If you are looking for more affordable solutions then Feldherr is great for the cost. Some of the Feldherr products can fit into narrow spaces too.

But, a personal favourite of mine – is the Battle Foam storage. With a very close second best being the Feldherr.

Pluck Foam Miniature storage
Battle Foam – Pack C4

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