What scale were Space Crusade miniatures in ‘mm’?

The original Space Crusade board game miniatures created by Milton Bradley and Games Workshop were typically 28mm in scale and size.

As an example, the Space Marines were created to the scale of 28mm. Remembering that these miniatures would also need to be inserted into their plastic ‘slotta’ bases.

The short answer. The standard size of the Space Crusade miniatures was 28mm in scale.

This is for the board game ‘Space Crusade‘ that was created in1990 by Milton Bradley.

Space Crusade miniatures in ‘mm’ ( the long detailed answer )

The standard size or average scale of the Space Crusade miniatures was 28mm for your typical mini, such as a Space Marine.

In terms of ratios this would equate to:-

A space Crusade Miniature that stands at 28 ‘mm’ in height would equate to a scale ratio of = 1:64

It should be noted that although many of the miniatures in Space Crusade are built to this size. They are not all the same height ( but are the same ratios and proportions). Certain Space Crusade miniatures have weapons pointing towards the sky and the Dreadnought is a large miniature.

28 mm = Ratio of 1:64

scale were space crusade miniatures
Original Space Marine by Games Workshop, For MB Games –

What scale were Space Crusade miniatures in ‘Inches’

Space Crusade, which was also known as Star Quest in certain countries and came with more or less the same miniatures and components, was 1.10 inches approximately.

You can find out what miniatures came in the original Space Crusade in this list of miniatures and components.

To answer as a number – ‘mm’ to inches conversion

28 mm converts to = “1.10236” – 1.10 inches approx.

What ratio were Space Crusade miniatures?

As a direct conversion of 28 mm scale into ratios. 28 mm converts to 1:64. 28 mm or a 1:64 scale is a common scale for tabletop miniatures.

What scale were Space Crusade miniatures in ‘mm’ | take away

Scales for the classic Space Crusade Board game miniatures vary from model to model. The standard Space Crusade miniature such as the Space Marines or Gretchins was 28 mm. The larger models such as the Dreadnought are taller than this.

Due t the scarcity of the Dreadnought miniature. No data can be found on this model at this time. Sorry!

It should also be taken into account that these models are scaled at 1:64 approximately but their true height in mm can be far greater. Certain miniatures such as the Android, or Chaos Space Marines heights can vary due to items such as horns and rifles being held upright.

This is also worth keeping n mind if you are feeling inspired to find replacement miniatures for an incomplete Space Crusade board game.

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