So, you want to know how to store miniatures for free? Whether it is for Warhammer or any other miniature range, finding free storage for your miniatures is easier than you think!

This article has been written as a guide to help you find free storage solutions for your miniatures.

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When considering free solutions for storing your miniatures. Or, in other words, looking for storage ideas for your minis. There is a variety of ideas to choose from that can help potentially save money.

Money may be tight at the moment, but your miniatures need not suffer. Ideas on how to store your miniatures for free… or super cheaply at least.

How to store miniatures for free

Free storage ideas for your miniatures – The short answer

As a general answer on how to store miniatures for free, one of the most simple ways of finding storage is by looking around your home. Raid the recycle bin, keep the original packaging for your miniatures – eat fewer sandwiches ( that is right ). Or see what a takeaway brings! And don’t forget the courier either.

Although the free options for miniature storage are not strictly the best solutions. It is great if you need to store your models with little expenditure as a short-term fix.

Here is a list of ideas for free storage solutions for your miniatures.

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Use the original packaging

This may sound like a dull suggestion, but it is also the most obvious and potentially one of the most effective. Using the original packaging can be a great way of keeping your miniatures in one place – ( if they fit when assembled ).

I have used this method in the past and it works well for many miniatures. It’s a ‘make-do’ until you get something bigger and better to store your miniatures in.

Another perk is – depending on the packaging, at least you will know what is in the box if you keep the original packaging. some of the original packaging I’ve used, has been used in making conversion projects as storage. It helps me to remember what is in the box.

Look in the recycle bin

Leave pride behind. Looking in your pre-recycle, ( paper bin in your house ) recycle bin can offer some great storage treasures. Not to mention terrain materials if you are a Wargamer.

Looking for spare packaging boxes can be great… and free.

Although I would advise, if it was me, to look in the indoor recycle bin instead of the outside one. Oh, look! A shoebox!

Tupperware for your miniatures

Not the most rock and roll suggestion for storing miniatures – Tupperware, yes Tupperware. This is what I was referring to with a lack of sandwiches. You may lose a lunch but gain miniature storage.

Why not look inside the kitchen cupboard and see if you have any ‘spare’ Tupperware boxes you can use? These can be great for storage. Just remember not to use a Tupperware box that you intend to take to school or work! And remember not to use somebody else’s lunch box. That could make you quite unpopular.

Raid the shed

Raiding the garden shed may not be my number 1 for finding any goodies. But you may find some old toolboxes or containers in there that you can use. I’m a big fan of tackle boxes or art boxes for miniature storage.

This post about cheap miniature storage goes into more detail about using caddy boxes.

How to store miniatures for free inside a caddy box for Warhammer

Fancy a takeaway?

That was tasty! Now, don’t throw the plastic containers away! These can be free miniature storage gold! And not only that – you are doing more by stopping these clear plastic containers from being sent off for processing.

It should be noted that not all takeaway restaurants are the same. But the ones that do still offer recyclable plastic containers could be of use to you. Instead of binning these containers, or sending them to the recycling centre. Why not re-propose them?

You will have to tolerate whatever was probably written on your last order though! ( it should also be noted, in the UK – these could be fazed out in the future. )

Somebody’s moved house ( packing boxes )

What has moving house got to do with free miniature storage? You would be pleased to know, that when you move house, you often have a lot of leftover packing boxes.

And something else… these surplus cardboard boxes are often a burden to the owner or removal company.

If you see a removal van with a pile of small boxes stacked up on the pavement, why not ask them if they have one going for free? This may not be everybody’s favourite – but don’t knock it. The chances are, some of those boxes will only go into cardboard recycling anyway. If they don’t want to give them to you… they will just say no!

Birthday and Christmas wish list

This a cheeky suggestion – but here goes. You are looking for free storage ideas for your miniatures? On your birthday or Christmas list, why not ask for some miniature storage?

True, it is free storage for you, but not for the gift giver. You can read more on the best storage for miniatures or cheap ways of storing your miniatures.

Hold onto that card packaging from the online order

About the trample that box down from an online order? Hangfire! If it is a good size for your miniatures, why not hold onto it? You can use it as temporary storage for miniatures. At least It saves you money on buying miniature storage.

Before you fold the box down to throw it away, get some crumpled newspaper or bubble wrap for cushioning! By the way, pizza-type boxes are a personal favourite of mine.

Bonus idea: cushioning for your free miniature storage

Not so much the container for storing miniatures – but the cushioning. Don’t forget the padding and cushioning. If you are storing miniatures, especially delicate models or metal ones, use some form of padding!

If your miniatures bounce and rattle around inside a box, they are more likely to damage and break.

You can get newspapers for free in some areas. Once you have had a good old flick-through of the daily rag, scrunch it up into little balls and place them inside your free / homemade miniature storage.

You may just save a miniature limb or two!

How to store miniatures for free - Bubble Wrap
Cushining ideas for miniature storage
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How to store Warhammer miniatures for free?

There are a whole host of ways to store your Warhammer miniatures for free. Outside of the plethora of epic miniature storage out there, including a range of miniature storage dedicated to Warhammer. You can find plenty of make-shift storage until you get the good stuff ( better storage ).

When looking at free miniature storage for Warhammer, you can use; cardboard boxes, shoe boxes, Tupperware, or better still. If you have a display shelf, why not put your Warhammer miniatures on there to show?

Not so much portable storage, but it could be a good way of keeping your miniatures safe – if you have a spare shelf around the house.

How to store metal miniatures for free?

How to store metal miniatures for free, some simple solutions.

A different degree of care is required for storing metal miniatures. For example, unless you use appropriate protection, your metal miniatures are likely to chip, bend or break! Suitable storage is advised!

But again, it is understandable if the budget does not permit you to buy specialised products.

Taking care of and storing your metal miniatures in the short-term, does not mean that you need to spend a fortune. As above, you can use various containers from around your home. Look for spare and unused packaging, shoeboxes, or even unwanted Tupperware to store metal miniatures.

The caveat with storing metal miniatures is how to keep them safe! If you are using a free option, although cheap and inexpensive. But remember, boxes can be crushed and broken, worse still if the insides of the boxes have no cushioning!

Use tissue paper, bubble wrap from discarded packaging, or a scrunched-up newspaper to keep minis from rattling. Read more on how to store your metal miniatures here.

Better solutions for storing precious and delicate miniatures

If you have some valuable miniatures or delicate miniatures. Don’t settle for the cheap option long term. This post here – best miniature storage – will give more ideas on how to store precious or rare miniatures.

The same applies to resin kits. If you are a collector of older miniatures you may also be interested to read more about the value of old HeroQuest miniatures or their contents. Or what came in the 3rd edition of Warhammer 40K.

Where to find free containers for miniatures

As to where you can find free storage for miniatures. You can look around your own home for some goodies for leftover packaging, tackle/art boxes and parcel boxes. These can all be repurposed for storing miniatures.

You may also find some free storage online such as Facebook marketplace and Freecycle.

Why not see if somebody at a board game cafe has any going? You never what you will find unless you look.

Summary | simple ways of storing your miniatures for free

To summarise, there are plenty of ideas you can use for storing your miniatures for free. You do not need to spend a fortune. A lot of the storage you can find for storage miniatures will be circumstantial and already lying around your house or flat.

Be resourceful. Use your imagination. See if you have anything left over from your local takeaway, raid the recycle bin for boxes, and check the kitchen cupboard for old sandwich boxes. There are many more. If you are struggling for money, you do not need to spend a lot for storage – if anything.

You can also consider some cheap options for storage or if you really want to protect your miniatures.

All the best for free hunting for free miniature storage ideas.

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