Are board games a waste of time…

An apparently common opinion according to the internet is that board games are a waste of time! As the quick and short answer to whether playing board games is a waste of time? The answer is no. Playing board games is not a waste of time.

Board games are a way for people to relax, bond, lose themselves in an activity they enjoy and have something for themselves outside of work. Having fun and enjoyment in our lives is important.

And for many, playing board games offers a great deal of enjoyment. For them, playing board games is not a waste of time.

are board games a waste of time?
are board games a waste of time?

If you have a friend or a family member criticising you for wasting time on your board game hobby, it’s not a waste of time if it is a fun pass time for you. You can just as easily come back and ask: why do they waste time playing computer games, watching some terrible shows on TV or reading erotic novels?

The point is, enjoyment is different for all. And playing board games are enjoyable for those that like to play them.

But not everybody likes games. So they judge! They look down their noses at your pass time.

Enjoying your hobby – playing board games is not a waste of time.

You don’t need to apologise.

“Is it worth collecting board games and investing in pass time you enjoy? Yes!”

Here are some other factors to consider when ‘wasting time!’

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Board games can be fun if you enjoy playing them

For those of us that enjoy playing board games, it’s not a waste of time if it makes us and those around us happy.

If you enjoy playing board games with friends and family this can be a great way of releasing stress and bonding with people. Human beings are social creatures, for many, socialising and playing games can be a great way of connecting.

The board game industry runs deep with its players.

Across the globe and the UK, people can attend board game conventions and go to board game cafes with friends. This is a list of board game cafes in London. You will ( hopefully ) find many players at the cafe enjoying games.

I have also written a post about board games you can play in a flatshare.

If you are looking for some low-key social activities, board games are a great way to unwind and hang out!

Is fun and laughter a waste of time?

Are fun and laughter a waste of time? The short answer is no, fun and laughter is not a waste of time. It is my opinion that we need fun and laughter in our lives, and many would agree.

Fun and laughter can help to improve our quality of life, release tension and to de-stress. laughter can also help us to bond with those around us. These are all important.

It’s my belief that fun and laughter is It’s both a salve and glue that generally leads to a happier and more positive life.

In the context of this article, fun and laughter can be achieved by playing certain types of board games. Just remember when you are playing a board game. It’s just a game. It is something to be enjoyed!

Are board games pointless?

Board games are not pointless. Board games are as pointless as any other hobby or pastime. Playing board games can be a great form of entertainment for many.

With board games, you can forge stories, interact with friends in some light competitive play. And, some – board games are educational too.

Board games, for the board game lover, are certainly not pointless. They are a great way for many to enjoy themselves.

And did I mention that the board game industry is huge both in monetary value and the number of hobbyists? Says something for something that is pointless.

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Why do people think that playing board games are waste of time?

Why do people think that playing board games is a waste of time? This is a question that is likely to be asked by an individual that enjoys board games and feels scrutinized for doing so!

In one breath you could argue that – yes, it is waste of time playing games. But that is a misguided and lazy answer. And really, it’s an opinion disguised as a question.

I think many board game players would agree. Playing board games is not a waste of time.

Or that any hobby is – really, if you consider it from a cynical point of view – a waste of time.

To answer why some people think it is a waste of time is perhaps relatively simple. Those that think playing board games is a waste of time, most likely, don’t like playing board games. They see no practical use in playing board games, and they don’t enjoy playing games. Those that enjoy something don’t tend to go on about how it is such a waste of time.

In life, you may find that what a person doesn’t like nor care to understand, they condemn. They will scoff, they will ridicule and they will criticise what it is they don’t understand and find passive-aggressive ways of tearing it apart. Or sometimes outright aggressive!

Some people, especially those at school. Might think they are above playing board games. ( they’re “too cool” ) to enjoy board games. It’s something children do. Their loss!

Adults and children play games. And as you get older, many don’t really care if their hobby is seen as childish. I know many adults that play board games. It’s a fun and immersive hobby for many.

The haters of board games

Are board games a waste of time - i hate games a lot!

For the individual that thinks that playing games are a waste of time, it may also be a case of something they don’t do themselves. So to them, it must be a waste of time. The individual in question may enjoy working all hours under the sun, watching idle TV etc.

‘Haters gonna hate!’

as they say….

The said individual may only understand practical and material achievements, computer games, fishing, football, or winning only for material gain or get anxious around board games, this does happen.

There are many reasons why somebody may think playing games are a waste of time. And they hate board games. And you know. People are allowed to dislike something. And for a few sorry souls, playing board games is something they just don’t like.

‘Haters gonna hate!’, as they say.

Don’t worry about those that criticise your hobby.

You enjoy It, so carry on.

Most of us think something is pointless and waste of time

Continuing on about those that don’t enjoy games and think they are waste of time. The ‘haters’ so to speak, will probably have a hobby you will think is a pointless waste of time too.

They don’t enjoy board games so think playing games is waste of time to them. And in truth, if they don’t enjoy playing games, what is the point in forcing them? Nobody enjoys obliged fun.

If playing board games isn’t their idea of fun – despite trying, then it is certainly a waste of time for them!

Now go and enjoy playing board games!

Why do people enjoy playing board games?

Asking why do people enjoy playing board games is a bit like asking why people enjoy reading, watching films or going to a show. Because it offers enjoyment.

Playing board games is a great way to socialise and bond with friends. Some people prefer card games, party games, etc.

Board games for many, is a hobby and passion that they lose themselves in. Nothing matters in that moment in time apart from the game they are playing. You don’t have to be a die-hard board game player to enjoy playing board games.

It’s not an exclusive club and neither should it be.

Benefits of board games for adults

Benefits of board games for adults

Benefits of board games for adults

Board games need not only be for children. There are numerous benefits to playing and collecting board games as an adult. Here is a shortlist of benefits for playing games as an adult :-

  • Playing board games as an adult can be an opportunity for fun and laughter
  • Taking part in board games can be a great way with bonding with friends
  • Certain games can be a great way to have fun with family
  • Playing board games can train your mind to think tactically and strategically
  • As an adult, narrative board games can be a great way for you to lose yourself in activity – like reading a book or watching a film. Some people like to play RPGs too.
  • Playing board games or card games is a great way of keeping your mind active
  • Sharing a board game or card game is a great way of escaping the pressures of everyday life.

There are many positive benefits to playing board games as an adult.

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Are board games a waste of money?

Arguably, yes board games are a complete waste of money. So is having fun, hanging out, drinking in a pub, having a hobby, being a human etc.

Board games, for the avid board game collector and player, is not a waste of money or time to them. For those that enjoy playing board games, this can be a great way of spending their disposable income.

Something else to consider when asking are board games are a waste of money. What is the replay value? How many hours of enjoyment will this game bring? etc etc.

A game like Throw Throw Burrito is a fun game that is a laugh and great value for money!

Or for those that enjoy wargames and miniatures, it is both a game and craft that allows them to paint and play board games. You should check out this post about the Mighty Brush and painting space marines! Awesome!

Something to be careful of is if you are buying too many board games and you are spending too much money on games. Collect board games by all means, but not to the detriment of your rent and mortgage or ramping up debts.

Is (are) board games an expensive hobby?

There is no denying that collecting or playing board games can be an expensive hobby. Board games are expensive to create, so can be expensive to buy.

If you are are intending on becoming a board game collector, then be prepared to spend some cash. Board games can range in price from £15 to £80+. It depends on the game, how many different types of games you wish to own or whether they are board or card games – with miniatures.

Board games, if you are intending on owning a few. Can be very expensive. It can also be modestly cheap if you shop around or buy smaller games. It depends on how many games you intend to own as to whether it will be an expensive hobby.

For a short answer as to whether board games is an expensive hobby is yes, but it doesn’t have to be. An example here is where you can potentially buy cheap Warhammer.

Is collecting board games worth it? Or a waste of time?

Is collecting board games worth it depends on the collector and why they are collecting. Games being ‘worth it’ can be read in a couple of ways. Board games can be worth collecting if you are looking to invest in a hobby that you think you and your friends will get a lot of enjoyment out of.

Then there is the monetary value of board games as to whether they are worth it.

Here are two potential answers.

1 ) Is it worth collecting board games? Investing in a fun pass-time

Is it worth collecting board games and investing in pass time you enjoy? Yes! To clarify the context. This means how much time and money you want to spend on your pleasures. Board games for many, is very much ‘worth it’ to them and they love putting aside some of their money to play and own new and exciting board games.

Playing board games is a great way of learning new skills, sharing fun activities with friends, or just having a hobby where you can ‘collect’ and build upon.


It should also be added that when something is ‘collected’ or is part of the collection then there is a strong chance that another collector will want something for their collection. And scarcity and desirability can increase worth and value.

This leads to the next part.

2 ) Is it worth collecting board games? Value and worth of board games

As to whether board games are valuable – yes, some board games are valuable. If you are considering buying board games now, they may or may not increase in value.

Board games such as the classic/original HeroQuest have increased in value. You can read more about what a complete or incomplete HeroQuest is worth in the post highlighted. As is the same with Space Crusade and Space Hulk and even Gorka Morka!. If you are interested in the value of some old games you may find some of these posts interesting.

The short and sweet answer Is collecting board games worth it?

Yes. They can very much be worth it for both enjoyment and value over time. But remember to take care of your games.

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Are board games a waste of time? – No

If you have read this article from top to bottom you will perhaps see the value of playing games and how they can be a great pass time for many.

Whether it is in collecting or as a stress release. Some of my favourite games are chess, odd card games, party games and anything that gets big laughs generally speaking.

interesting post around the board game hobby and how it is certainly not a waste of time!

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